Calendar 2020 Alicante

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Each year in Spain there are recurring holidays and every autonomous community and province have their local festivities as well. Because of that, we offer you the local 2020 calendar. This calendar is specifically for national and provincial holidays in the province of Alicante.

As you can see this calendar shows three different colors for the holidays. The green-colored days are National Holidays, so almost all shops, services and municipal offices will be closed. The blue-colored days are celebrations of festivities in the Valencian Community. Local businesses and municipal offices will probably close during these days. The pink-colored days refer to festivities in the Municipality of Alicante.

Take in mind that every town or village will have different local festivities and holidays on their yearly calendar. Most local businesses and offices will close these days. Because Spanish locals take their local fiestas very serious, some of them can even last up to several days.

There are lots of different calendars to find so we hope this one helps you mark the holidays. It always comes in handy to know upfront when shops close and when most people have days off. As a result, it is easier to plan to spend a holiday with loved ones. As well as to spend time with friends and relatives.


You can also download the pdf file of the 2020 calendar.


If you want to go and explore during one of the holidays why not visit a local market. Our schedule can tell you where and when.