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Insurance exclusive from Generali Seguros.

Alvaro Oliver Perez insurance company is an exclusive Generali Seguros agency with years of experience in this market.

Every year people like you trust us for the integral management of their insurance policies.

Let us help you protect the important.

Alvaro Oliver Perez insurance

Your health insurance

Generali has one of the better and most expanded health insurance in the market.

We customize the insurance to suit you best.

Whether you are alone, have a partner or a large family, we will find the solution that suits you best.

Your car insurance

Make sure you have the right insurance on your car.

Some over-insure the car for no reason to be on the safe side and pay too much they don’t need.
Others have been too focused on price and have insurance that will put them in trouble if the accident happens.

We focus on what’s most important to you.

Your home insurance

Not everyone respects private property, and unfortunately, we regularly break into the area we live in.
In addition, accidents of various kinds can occur in the home and things can break.

We help you make your home insurance as best suited to you and your needs.

Your retirement insurance

When you are retiring, it is time to say goodbye to the payslips.
We also help you to say goodbye to your concerns.

Be sure you can afford to do things when you retire.
Remember that each generation “gets younger” and that you still have a lot of time to do rewarding and fun things – as long as you can afford it.

Have a chat with us about how your financial situation will be.
If you feel the need for something extra, we are happy to help you set up a plan for you.


Use Alvaro Oliver Perez – have fewer worries

Have a look at our website for more detailed information (only in Spanish)


Carrer Exèrcits Espanyols, 2, l'Alfàs del Pi

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