Dear advertiser,

As always we ask you to help us keep your clients well-informed. There are two things in particular that we need you to answer us. Please do so.

Do you serve clients at the time being?

Now that the government has taken measurements to decrease the state of alarm in steps, we ask you to inform us in what way this affects your business. How will your situation change, have you been closed and are planning your re-opening or continuing with home-delivery of your products and/or services? Let us know, so we can update your advertisement.

You want to let your clients know that you are available for business. We will mention you in the quarantine search option called “Restrictions” so they know you are open for business, as long as you contact us.

New functions on our website! – that could benefit you!

Since the launch of our website we have been the best alternative when it comes to marketing for most companies, both in pricing and on reaching potential clients. We have always been aware of the possibilities the internet offers us to help companies find potential new clients.

As this state of alarm is affecting all of us, on personal and professional level, we have seen a rise in people connecting to reliable sources on the internet to get the information they want at the moment they need a product or a service. For us it is important to keep doing what we do, and do it even better. Therefore, we will always keep developing to adjust to the needs and wishes of what information clients are looking for.

Soon we will launch two new search options to our homepage:

  • Kids & youngsters – provide young people and families with children a super-easy search option to find things to do, where to go etc.
  • Home services – the possibility of having Home services/delivery for many things, not just food.

If you think your business can profit from appearing in one of these options, please let us know, so we can change your advertisement. We will announce these new features on a large scale to make potential clients aware of the new possibilities our website offers to find what they are looking for.

Best regards,

The Costa Blanca Guide Team


Ps! We would love you to inform us about businesses that “are open” in a way that they can reach the customers. We are able to help them!