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Local Markets

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In addition below the calendar you will find extra information.

local markets costa blanca
It’s easy to get a good feeling on the market

Every town has a day (or more) of the week for when their market is open. So if you are on holidays or reside in Costa Blanca and you want to go to your local town’s market to experience a taste of Spanish culture, these markets are an experience not to be missed. Therefore above we have listed various towns on Costa Blanca. Also their respective market day(s) of the week and directions by Google Maps so you can get there as easy as possible.

Besides that, you will also find very useful information about each specific market on their respective page. Such as how to get there with public transport and nearby parking facilities etc.

local markets costa blanca
A wide selection of handmade leather goods

At the local markets in Costa Blanca, you can buy fresh products,

besides seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish and meat. As well as dairy products, olives, nuts, eggs, clothes, shoes, belts, handbags. And also kitchen utensils, CDs, carpets, paintings and other products which are not always available at the supermarkets.

Lots of other gadgets and peculiarities are also available in these markets. And that will definitely be appreciated by curious people. Let’s not forget about all the different toys, above all many that can not be found back home. Because of that spending, the day with children on a market on the Costa Blanca can be a nice break from daily life or a beach day.

local markets costa blanca
You will always find a good selection of fruits and vegetables at a good price. And the quality is just as good as the store

The products are of the highest quality and much fresher than those available at the many supermarkets. Because of this prices are cheaper on these markets, in fact you will see many Spanish locals buying their fruits and vegetables there.

As a result other people just stop by to have breakfast or lunch at one of the cafeterias surrounding the market squares and watching people enjoying their lives.

Whatever you need …. Find it !!