Dental Clinic, Alfaz del Pi

Dental Clinic, Alfaz del Pi

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Avenida País Valencià 6, Alfaz del Pi

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Dentist in the center of Alfaz del Pi

Welcome to a professional dental treatment with Dr. Gert Schilderoth & his professional team

Our dental clinic in Alfaz has an English speaking dentist, from Germany


For those with dentist fear, with us, you can relax

In case of emergency, call 626281787

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dental clinic in alfaz

It is everyone´s wish to go to a dental clinic and receive an honest unique diagnosis especially suited for them. Here at our dental clinic in Alfaz del Pi, that is exactly what we will give you.

Your smile is one of your most important features, so you shouldn’t settle for anything less than Centro Dental working on it. However, that doesn’t mean that we charge unreasonable prices.


Beautiful smiles shouldn’t only be for the rich and the famous, so visit us at Centro Dental and we will prove they’re not.

When you need a wisdom tooth removed we can use this detailed image. It will show our dentist how the tooth and nerve are situated. As a result, we can perform the operation as quick, easy and safe as possible.

At Centro Dental we offer Implants that are the closest in replicating natures way of replacing one or several missing teeth. The lost root of a tooth is being replaced by a root made of Titanium which afterward will be provided with a crown or a bridge in order to fill the gap in your mouth.

dental clinic in alfaz

Also for endodontics treatment, we can see a detailed structure of the tooth and evaluate the prognosis for the survival rate. As you see there is immense information provided with a tomography. So before making any dental procedure, we are fully informed of your situation.

Dental fear? Don’t worry

We will handle your dental fear in the way that suits you best, in our top modern dental clinic.


Many of our patients used to suffer from dental fear problems which sometimes made it impossible for them to have dental treatment. That was before they came to our dental clinic and discovered our wide variety of help in order to overcome this

We offer Local Anesthetic, Nitros Oxide Sedation, and General Anesthesia


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dental clinic in alfaz

Call us for an appointment.
In our dental clinic in Alfaz, we speak Spanish, English, German, and French.

We will be happy to receive you at our clinic in the main street of Alfaz del Pi

Your Dental Clinic in Alfaz del Pi

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