Chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm

Chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm

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Calle Pau Casals, 7, El Albir

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Recommended quality English and Norwegian-speaking chiropractors in Albir, nearby Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucia, and Altea.

Can chiropractic help you?

Contact Advanced Chiropractic and use the code word “30%” and we will invite you to a free, no-obligation talk about your situation in our chiropractor clinic. If we think we can help you and agree to proceed with a more formal 1. st consultation with one of our chiropractors, you get a 30% discount.

If you have an injury that you know about or symptoms (secondary conditions) that something is wrong, it is quite possible that chiropractic care will help you

Advanced Chiropractic in Albir, nearby Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucia, and Altea, has the mission to deliver high-quality chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation care to the whole family, from newborn babies to the elderly.

Combined treatment

Our treatment deals with the chain of negative effects that a dysfunctional spinal column has on our brain and body. Left untreated it can negatively affect our movement patterns, our posture, and eventually our daily lives in the form of secondary conditions (symptoms).

Your chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm

combines two different therapeutic disciplines; Specific Spinal Adjusting (the Gonstead Method), and Muscular Rehabilitation (Redcord Suspension Training). These two therapeutic disciplines work synergistically in order for you to regain your health as quickly as possible

If you are living in Albir, Alfaz del Pi, Benidorm, Altea, or La Nucia

We speak English, Norwegian, and Spanish, so communication will not be an issue.

Chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm

At Advanced Chiropractic you will meet chiropractors who are dedicated, solution-oriented, and willing to think outside the box. Our team consists of the Doctors of Chiropractic Aleksander G. Bjargo and Bill Dimoulis, Nutritionist Melissa Thelwall Bjargo, Massage Therapist Elena, and our chiropractic assistants Elaine and Melissa.

Why Advanced Chiropractic

Read some of our great testimonials from our clients who consider us to be the best chiropractor in the area

Chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm

  • You want to move freely and without pain.
  • You want to get to the root of the problem.
  • You’re tired of taking medications.
  • You are seeking an alternative to surgery.
  • You’re ready for a different approach to your health care.

Our chiropractors are looking forward to assisting you at Advanced Chiropractic.

“Health is not everything; but without it, everything is nothing.” – Schopenhauer

If you have any questions, or if there is anything you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us or just drop by.

Probably the best chiropractor there is in the area

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Chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm

Your chiropractor in Albir, nearby Benidorm, speaks English, Norwegian, and Spanish

Due to our location, a good proportion of our clientele comes from Benidorm, Altea, La Nucia, and Alfaz del Pi.

If you live in Benidorm and do not have your own car, use bus no. 10. It stops just below our clinic in Albir

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