Day Dreams Cafe & Bar

Day Dreams Cafe & Bar

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Calle San Pedro 41, Altea

Today's opening hours: 10:00 – 15:00

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Cafe & Bar on the seafront of Altea

Full breakfast and lunch menu available at our seafront cafe. Fresh healthy smoothies and juices, protein shakes, specialty coffees, and delicious cakes.

Delicious small dishes of various kinds and good drinks in a nice atmosphere, excellent service, and stunning views from our cafe

Please, have a seat and let us pamper you…

 day dreams cafe

We would på pleased to serve you your next breakfast, lunch, or a little snack.

Our Cafe on the seafront of Altea

Providing an excellent selection of traditional home-cooked products, ensuring freshness and quality.
Full breakfast and lunch menu, cold drinks, fresh healthy Smoothies and Juices, specialty Arditi Golden Brasil Coffees. As well as Delicious Cakes, and Cupcakes.
These are available for dine-in at our cafe, or takeaway for lunches, snacks, your day trip, the beach, or for the airport!

A wide range of Wines, Beers, Spirits, and Cocktails are available.

Let us present Day Dreams Cafe Menu

Our famous Caesar Salad

 day dreams cafe

A small selection of some of our homemade goodies.

For more detailed information about Day Dreams Cafe, please visit our website or like us on Facebook to stay up to date.

 day dreams cafe

Smoothies and Juices filled with vitamins and minerals

These are made fresh to order! What a way to brighten your day!
You can opt for a protein smoothie to improve your muscle recovery from your home workouts

Afternoon Tea by the Sea

Bring your loved one, a friend, or friends, and have a cozy afternoon tea and relax with the Mediterranean in the background.

 day dreams cafe

You will have a selection of Sandwiches, homemade Scones served with Jam and Cream, selection of Pastries & Cakes served with a bottle of Prosecco or Cava, inside or on the Day Dreams Cafe terrace.

Pre-booking essential, minimum of 3 days notice. €19.95 (per person)


Lunch break at the seafront

We are the perfect place for a late breakfast or a delicious lunch. Try our appetizing lunch menu, and discover why we are called Day Dreams.

For the exact location of the cafe, please use “Get directions” at the top of the page.

 day dreams cafe

The ideal place for a relaxed lunch break.

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