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Water as nature intended

EcoFilters are pleased to present you with the most up-to-date filtration media technology on the market.

We deliver environmentally conscious products at the right price, which are simple in usage.

Our filtration water systems meet the needs of everything from small apartments to big villas and commercial spaces.

We deliver all over of the Costa Blanca – get in touch and let us see what we can do for you.

For more complete information about our products, please visit our webpage.

Drinking water filters

ecofilters drinking water

We provide you with 100% safe water. Using our drinking water filters you will in an Eco-friendly way, always have healthy water with a good taste available.

EcoFilters provides water treatment solutions that remove chlorine, metals, toxins, radioactive elements, pesticides, dirt, rust, and scale up to 99, 99% purity.

As well, with our filters, your drinking water will be protected against viruses and bacteria,

Shower water filters

ecofilters shower filter

You will notice a difference in your skin and hair immediately because it removes chlorine that damages your hair and skin.

Aromatherapy with 4 different smells available. Just sold by eco filters!

Whole house filters

Take better care of your washing machine, dishwasher, and coffee machine as well. will be free of scale.

Saltwater pool

We turn your pool into a completely different bathing experience…saltwater pool! No more odour of chlorine and no irritating eyes, crystal clear soft water. Extremely easy to handle with fully automatic pool control. More ecological and more economical. Contact us for a free visit and a quote. Ecofilters – when only the best is good enough!

Our filters

Our filters do not use electricity, nor do they waste water like traditional RO systems. In addition, our technologies provide 100% Eco-Friendly solutions.

For regular updates, please follow us on Facebook.

We believe we have the best possible water filter system on the market.

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Camí de la Mar, 30, Alfaz del Pi

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