• Chainsaw: Wide range of pruning chainsaws, medium and high power.
garden & agricultural tools
  • Trimmers: Everything from keeping the edges of your lawn nice and tidy, to thicker things like bushes and overgrown areas
Marina Baixa Maquinaria, S.L. desbrozadora
  • Hedge trimmers: Various models depending on your needs.
garden & agricultural tools
  • Blowers: Handheld blower for cleaning your garden or plot.
garden & agricultural tools
  • Motor hoe: Several models to have your garden in perfect condition.
  • Sulfate tank: sulfate equipment with up to 30 BAR pressure for small orchards and/or gardens
Marina Baixa Maquinaria, S.L. cuba de sulfatar
  • Lawnmower: several models with different powers.
  • Generators: we have several models for every need up to 5000 W.

garden & agricultural tools

Weekend offers

If you pick up the equipment on Saturday just before closing time and deliver it on Monday morning, we will charge you for one day.
Subject to our ability to do so.

Ps! For all rental agreements of the garden tools, a deposit must be left, which is refunded after checking the equipment upon delivery.

Contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible.
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