Get important documents – fast and secure

Get important documents – fast and secure

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We speak English, Dutch, and Flemish at CB Fixed, and can help you with all the important documents you need

We help you with all important documents

If you need help to get; your NIE number, Residencia, Padron, Spanish driver’s license, Paperwork regarding cars, Inheritance, and more… we can help you. Fast and secure.

Contact us, in English, Dutch, or Flemish, and let us know what document you need.

NIE number

get important documents




NIE is the first step to everything you need. Without an NIE number, you will get nowhere if you want to “belong” in Spain.
NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) will be your Spanish social security number.

We will help you get your NIE number fast and securely.


residencia - residency on the costa blanca - get important documents







If you live on the Costa Blanca or in any other part of Spain and you are a resident of one of the EU / EEA countries there is the possibility of applying for residencia/residency.


town hall registration or "padron" - get important documents







Show responsibility towards yourself and others by getting yourself a Padron (empadronado)
All those who reside in Spain have the obligation to register in the municipality where they live.

Spanish driving licence







If you are a resident of Spain and if your country’s driving license is about to expire or has already expired, you must renew this permit for a Spanish permit.

SIP card

get important documents







Are you enrolled in the Spanish system? In that case it is of course important to have access to a GP. In order to have that access, you must have a SIP card, which we can help you acquire

Paperwork regarding cars






If you want to import your car to Spain, buy a car in Spain or sell the one you already have, we will help you with the paperwork required to do so. We can do this fast and securely for you.


get important documents






It is very important to arrange your inheritance in a legal way if you are a resident of Spain. We will help you set this up in a proper way. It is good to be sure that everything is in order.


And more…

We can also help you with; Power of attorney, Translation, Legal Assistance purchasing property, Water connection, Electric connection, Suma, etc.

Contact us now by email or send us a WhatsApp. We speak English, Dutch, and Flemish

Let us help you get the documents you need, fast and securely.

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