Entertainment for your party – Magic Mirror

Entertainment for your party – Magic Mirror

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Entertainment for your party, & fun for everybody!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who takes the best selfie of them all?

It is incredibly fun and great entertainment for your party. And they create amazing memories of your special event.

As soon as your guests see that there is a Magic Mirror at your event, there is no stopping the fun. The possibilities are endless and everyone will remember your party because of it.

Magic mirror - entertainment for your party

Costa Blanca Magic Mirror

The interactive photo booth experience. The must-have to bring fun, laughter, and memories to your special occasion! Make sure your guests and event are the talks of the town. Many custom design features make your photo booth experience personal and unique. Forget the traditional Photo Booth. Why not have the New Innovative Magic Selfie or Magic Mirror at your next event! You’ve never taken a selfie like this before!

We cover many types of events with this great entertainment for your party.


Magic Mirror – entertainment for your party


The first moment you lay eyes on the Magic Mirror, you will realize this is not your traditional photo booth. It’s the next level of entertainment.

The fully interactive 65″ mirror delivers amazing image quality, built-in games, picture sign features, and more. Can be immediately shared on social media. Magic Mirror is sure to keep your guests entertained during your event!

Offering customizable print templates, customizable touchscreen animation. Various backdrops and frames, an email feature, and an SMS feature for your guests to text their photos directly to their phones.

Popular for any social event you want to hold, the open-air interactive photobooth experience is unique,
extraordinary and magical.

Millennials are no longer the only new kids on the block taking Selfies. The desire to share Selfies taken at unforgettable events and experiences isn’t just for the younger generation.

The Magic Selfie.

Magic Mirror

The Magic Selfie is the perfect photo booth for events. The gorgeous ring and inviting mirror draw guests right in.

Your event will shine in the spotlight. The Magic Selfie can do traditional photos, GIF, Burst GIF animations, boomerangs, and video.

Offering customizable start screen and several photo templates, a choice of different filters, digital props, and instant sharing email and SMS.

Who provides you with the entertainment for your party?

Magic mirror

Costa Blanca Magic Mirror was started last year by Françoise (Fran) with the vision of providing quality photographs, remarkable memories, and the very best service for her clients. Together with her daughter Stephanie and her team, it’s guaranteed you will have a blast with The interactive photo booth experience at your event

Do you still want to know a little bit more? You can read more about Magic Mirror works here. or/and see the FAQ`s here.

Experiences are of course very important so please go here for some testimonials. 

Don’t miss out and book “THE must-have” now.

We got different packages available. Read more about them here. Magic Mirror is available to hire throughout Costa Blanca. Please go here to contact us.


The Mirror loves you

Great entertainment for your party


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