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Myra Works Diamond Painting, Torrevieja
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Welcome to Myra Works Diamond Painting

Myra Works Diamond Painting is a nice hobby for people who like to relax. By placing hundreds of glittering stones on a self-adhesive canvas sheet with color-coding, you can create a beautiful and vibrant work of art. It looks so beautiful and shiny that many people hang their own art on the wall.


myra works diamond painting

How to do it?

The canvas is pre-printed with the different colors of the final result. All you have to do is paste the different diamonds on the canvas one by one with the premium diamond pen. From the moment you paste the first stone you will find that you completely relax and unwind. The time you spend on it is only yours and you will feel satisfied when you are done. You are the creator of the beautiful end result.


Great gift for friends or relatives

Do you have family or friends who you would like to surprise with an original gift? Give him a diamond painting for their birthday, an anniversary or just as a thank you. We offer many different collections and sizes. You will therefore definitely find the right image that will please your loved ones.


myra works diamond paintingOwn pictures

If you really want to be original, we can also make a diamond painting of your own favorite picture. It doesn’t matter if it is your pet, a friend or family member or a view of your favorite spot. All you have to do is send us your photo by e-mail. We then have our in-house designer check whether your photo has the right quality. If this is the case, you will receive a free quote from us for three different sizes. If you decide to order one of the dimensions, we will ask you for a down payment, and after a maximum of three weeks, you will receive the size you ordered. And if you find it difficult to choose, we will, of course, be happy to help you.


The shop

Murielle van Audenaeren and her husband Ronny started the store a few years ago in Belgium. Since they had a dream for years, they decided to move to Torrevieja in Spain and eventually opened a store there. Many people now know the store and the artworks, and Murielle and her husband hope to welcome you soon for a chat and a brief explanation. You will find the store of Murielle and Ronny on Avenida de Asuncion in Torrevieja and on Sundays they have a stall on the Zoco market in Algorfa.

Use the Google Map on this page to get there easily. And of course you can also call Murielle in advance on her Spanish number 645991357, but she can also be reached via her Belgian number 0032495105391.

And if you live or are visiting near Tessenderloo, you can see Myra Works on the Sunday Black Market in Hall C, opposite the large candy stall. In addition, the new store in Westmalle has been open since 16 November 2019.

The Web Store

If you have purchased a new Diamond Painting in the store, you can order new paintings and extra supplies via their web store. You can easily do this if you create an account. Moreover, you can also order your Diamond Painting directly as a new customer through this web store. Your order will be delivered free of charge by Myra Works throughout Europe.


Myra Works Diamond Painting – Paste, Relax, Create

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Myra Works Diamond Painting, Torrevieja

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