Nova 86

Nova 86

E-cigarettes / Vapor shop / Shopping

Avenida del Albir, 66, Albir

Today's opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00

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Need help stop smoking cigarettes?

We got a large selection of e-cigarettes and e-liquid

From August 2020 – only ONLINE!

Nova 86 specializes in electronic cigarette products with a big range of starter kits. As well as E-Liquid, Ego batteries, and Atomizer. See our large selection of e-liquid here

We have long experience and helped many people stop smoking cigarettes.
Come in for a chat and see if we can help you as well – hopefully, you’re next.

We introduced the E-cig & Liquids to Albir and we have traded successfully since 2014.

Therefore the long trading and experience benefits all our customers. We permanently upgrade our products and only buy quality merchandise – and sell them at reasonable prices.

nova 86 in albir can help you stop smoking

Located next to Albir´s marketplace, Vanessa is ready for answering any kind of questions you may have about e-cigarettes 

Many businesses in the last years have started trading with no expertise or knowledge of their products. 

It is our job to make people aware of this and not to be fooled by these retailers. If you want to stop smoking and vape instead, we got a lot of experience and will make sure you will have the right guidance.

We don’t claim to be the “largest“ E-Liquid specialist, but we for sure offer the best quality. Therefore we have the largest variety of flavours in Albir and surrounding areas and the best flavours and ingredients. Maybe you want out of nicotine as well when you already have chosen to stop smoking. In that case, ask us for our nicotine-free juice.

Want more detailed information – or want to make an order online – visit our Nova 86  website


Decorate with our cool metal plaques

We got a good selection of metal plaques for only € 3,50 apiece. Here is some of them.

nova 86 - Stop smoking, vape instead


The full scent for a minimum price

nova 86 in albir can help you stop smoking       nova 86 in albir can help you stop smoking


We also got a good selection from Perfume Factory – with testers so you can smell them




Nova 86 is located in the center of Albir – next to the marketplace.