Local Market Polop

Local Market Polop

Plaza De Los Chorros, Polop de la Marina

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This small local market Polop

has made changes to make sure visitors and sellers are safe and can maintain social distance. Therefor, the non-food products are sold on Tuesday. The fresh food products available every Wednesday of the week. The sellers set up their stalls these days in the Plaza de churros in the centre of the village.

This village is one of the smaller ones in the area. Therefore, the entrance way into the town centre from the N-332 is a one direction road. Because of that, there is a possibility you have to park your car outside the centre. As a result, you can enjoy a walk through the charming streets of Polop to get to the market.


How to get to the local market Polop by public transport

As already explained Polop is one of the smaller villages in the area and is located a few kilometers from the sea. Because of that, there is no direct access by tram-via. The only way of getting there by public transport is to use the ALSA bus line from Benidorm to Callosa. This bus stops on the N-332 that crosses the village, just outside the centre.[/vc_column_text]


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