Local Market Santa Pola

Local Market Santa Pola

Zona mercadillo de Santa Pola

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The local market Santa Pola is open on Monday and Saturday in the town´s centre and has about 450 stalls.

On Mondays, the sellers mainly offer household goods and clothes, in addition to shoes and leather articles. However, on Saturday also fresh products like fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and sweets, plants and flowers are offered for sale.

The location of this market is very central in town. Therefore you can enjoy an entire day in Santa Pola and visit the city centre or the marina which is close by.

When you travel by car, go into town from the N-332 and follow the direction to the marina. Just before reaching the Marina you see the market square. There are large areas for parking your car surrounding the market.  Such as the Avenida Salamanca, or the plaza Aljibes.


How to get to the local market in Santa Pola by public transport

Santa Pola offers no train services to or from other cities nearby. The town does, however, have a number of bus lines that cross town. Bus line 2 and 3 have a stop on the Carretera Elche – Santa Pola, this street lays north of the market square.

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