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Local A-1, Avenida Rosa Mazón Valero, Torrevieja

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Probably the best optician in Torrevieja

The optician Specsavers was founded in 1984 by Doug and Mary Perkins. They started the business for glasses and contact lenses in their spare bedroom on a table-tennis table.

By the time we opened the first optician store in Spain in 2006, there were already more than 700 Specsavers around.  In January 2008 we opened the 1000th store, and today we have passed 1.500 stores.

specsavers for lenses and glasses -optician in torrevieja - glasses of all kindsBased on our experience, expertise, and size, our optician in Torrevieja can help you with everything an optician can offer when it comes to your eyes’ health.

Our selection of glasses:

The full range of over 2,000 size and color options is structured around a comprehensive features and benefits pricing structure starting from affordable 29 € through to 210 €.

The assortment for women, men, kids, or teens can be seen here.

Try contact lenses for free!

We also have a great choice of contact lenses for an outstanding value that will give you peace of mind. If you want to know more about our services for lenses, please read more here.

Designer sunglasses


optician in torrevieja - glasses of all kinds

We have a large selection of sunglasses from a number of designers, in all sizes. Stop by for a look.

Remember that it is important to have good sunglasses in Spain due to the high UV radiation. We cover it at the same time as we give you a fashionable image as well.

Help and frequently asked questions

There is a lot of questions coming up when it comes to what to choose, why etc… To help you out a little bit you can check if you find an answer to your question here

optician in torrevieja - glasses of all kinds

Special offers

We will always have some special offers for you as well. Check them out here

Do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s help you as soon as possible

Probably the best optician in Torrevieja, with all kind of glasses and lenses


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