Tamargo Garden maintenance & Pool service

Tamargo Garden maintenance & Pool service

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Garden & Pool service

Tamargo garden maintenance will keep your garden tidy and healthy and your swimming pool clean and in order.

Annual contracts or assignments as needed, be it maintenance of the garden or swimming pool. Depending on what you need.

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We are located in La Nucia but work throughout Marina Baixa. Most of our customers live in nearby municipalities such as Albir, Alfaz del Pi, Altea, and Polop.
When you call us, Belen will answer the phone and she speaks English.


Due to the climate in Costa Blanca, your garden should be cared for regularly.

Tamargo Garden maintenance

Residential and holiday homes

Very many, both permanent residents and especially those who are not, want to spend their time on other things than gardening, and then you will need us.

Palm trees

We have extensive experience and can help you prune, treat and maintain your palm trees, in order to keep them healthy and in good shape.

Tamargo Garden maintenance

Palm trees are wonderful when they are well maintained but can be an annoyance when not properly. So get in touch with us and we will stop by to give you a recommendation based on what we think should be done.

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We want to stop by to take a look, because both the type of palm tree, size, and water supply are important factors for how your particular palm tree should be maintained.

We do not doubt at all that the “man in the house” can get the job done, but from experience, we know that the result is usually better when you let us do it.

Irrigation installation

General maintenance of the garden can be very challenging if the area is very dry.

Especially if the garden area is widely used and visible, you may want to consider an irrigation system.

An irrigation system will make a big difference both visually and is very good for your garden in terms of health.

Your swimming pool

Most of our clients prefer an annual contract for their swimming pool

We will give you a tailored offer for the maintenance of your swimming pool, depending on your use and needs. Get in touch for an offer.

At regular intervals, most pools also need new joints. Should this be the case for your swimming pool, we will of course take care of the grouting for you as well.

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Tamargo Garden maintenance & Pool service

for you who want a well-kept garden and clean pool.

Tamargo Garden maintenance

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