Local Market Villajoyosa

Local Market Villajoyosa

Carrer Carles Llorca i Baus, La Vila Joiosa

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This local market Villajoyosa

is located in the centre of this colorful town. In the Avenida Carlos Llorca i Baus to be precise. You can visit this market every Thursday from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. A lot of stalls offer everything, from fresh fruit to delicious sweets what food concerns. Other stalls offer whatever you can think of regarding clothing, shoes and other household items. There are more than 200 stalls in total to choose from.


This market is located just next to the city centre. Therefore you can combine your visit to the market with a visit to town. And enjoy all the shops the town centre has to offer.


How to get to the local market Villajoyosa by public transport

The “Tramvia” line 1 from Alicante (South) and Benidorm (North) will take you to Creueta every 30 minutes. This is the stop that is actually right next to the market square. When you come by car you can use the new N-332 national road to exit at the roundabout of the CV-770 that will take you into the town. When you get to town follow the signs for the policia local.  In addition, you can use the N-332a, this is the old national road through the village. You will arrive from the other side but you can follow the same policia local signs to get to the market. 




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