Clinica veterinaria El Port

Clinica veterinaria El Port

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Carrer la Mar, 159, Altea,

Today's opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00

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Veterinarian El Port strives to improve your pet´s quality of life

Your English-speaking veterinarian in Altea.

We are a meeting point for animal lovers. Because the direct, close and personalised treatment with the owner is the hallmark of our veterinarian clinic. As a result, empathy arises here spontaneously since we always start with the same recipe: animals come first in this clinic!

Modern and well-equipped veterinary clinic

Your pet and you are always welcome to our modern veterinary clinic “El Port” on the 322, just outside the centre of Altea, heading for Albir, next to Galp gas station. It is no problem to make an emergency stop and bring your pet in because there are parking spaces in front of our building.

veterinarian el port in altea

Our veterinarian clinic is designed with two fundamental objectives in mind; first, to achieve maximum comfort for our patients and, second, to provide the medical team with modern and highly functional facilities, as well as to equip them with state-of-the-art equipment.

Staff member of veterinary clinic El port in Altea

All the people that form our team, share an illusion that has become our main motto: A strong-minded vision to improve the quality of life of our pets.


Because several specialists discuss the cases they treat we can allow to minimise the aggressiveness and duration of the treatments. This coordination is done by our medical team in order to keep the number of visits to the clinic to a minimum.

veterinarian el port in altea

If you want more detailed information please go to our web page But do not worry if you do not speak Spanks, the vet speaks English.

Our mission and work protocols are always orientated toward the well-being of our patients (your pet). For years we also use the motto…IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE


veterinarian el port in altea

We can help your dog with all types of surgery as well as damage injuries and eye diseases. On top of that, we provide dentistry, analysis and X-rays, and last but not least hospitalization. For more detailed information about us please go to our web page

The mission of El Port is the well-being of our patients

We can help you with

All types of operations – General injuries – Eye disease – Dental health – Analyzes – X-ray – Admission

Veterinary clinic “El Port” team :

Management, surgery and internal medicine: Dr Toni Candela Sanchis. 

Internal medicine and surgery, general management and administration: Dr Irene Pérez Esplá.

Reproduction and Obstetrics, internal medicine: Dr Vanessa Sanchis Hernandez.

Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and rehabilitation: Dr Núria Chiral Palanca.

Ethology and animal behaviour. Dr. Ana Ferrando Ferrando.

Surgery and traumatology: Dr Rafael Tudela Espí. Col.

Dentistry and dental surgery: Dr Angeles Vañó Vidal.

Endoscopy: Dr.Jose Ignacio Francés.

Exotics: Dr.Chema López Cerezuela.


Protect your dog against leishmaniasis, it needs you to

Vetrinary clinic El Port in Altea

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