HCB Hospitales Benidorm

HCB Hospitales Benidorm

Hospitals / Doctors / Traumatologists / Gynecologists / Physiotherapy / Dermatologists

Avenida de Alfonso Puchades 8, Benidorm

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We have interpreters for English, Dutch, Norwegian, German and many other languages.

Your hospital in Benidorm

HCB Hospitales is a private family health group that has 2 hospitals and three medical centers on the Costa Blanca.

hcb hospitales benidorm

All specialties in all languages

HCB Benidorm is the first hospital in the HCB Hospitales group and the origin of the HCB model of care for foreign patients. It has more than 40 integrated medical services in the same center for hospitalization, urgent care, and polyclinic.

HCB offers more than 40 medical services and specialties. As well as referral units that offer a comprehensive and specialized service to the patient through state-of-the-art technology.

The Centers of the HCB brand offer medical and health as well as administrative services, besides multilingual interpreters of different nationalities. This way of working allows patients to feel closer to home and to be always accompanied and supported by people in their own language when they see their doctors, which makes complete personalized attention possible.

Thanks to its network of polyclinic centers, HCB extends its private healthcare model to the main tourist destinations of Costa Blanca: Albir, Moraira, Calpe, and Denia.


Do you want an interpreter?

We have great doctors and specialists of all kinds, who are very good at medicine, which is the most important thing for you. We solve any language barrier with someone who can translate if needed. We have English, Dutch, Norwegian, German speaking interpreters available.

However, many of our clients do not speak Spanish, and may not speak English well enough to explain specific things, and then it may be good to have an interpreter available.

Tell us in advance, if possible, and we will arrange it. We have English, Dutch, Norwegian, German speaking interpreters available.

En HCB Hospitales disponen de servicios de Urgencias en los dos hospitales, médico a domicilio y ambulancias 24hs.



HCB Salus Albir

Family Medicine and medical specialists. It is the reference medical center of the Marina Baixa for Norwegians and Russians, as well as other nationalities.


HCB Calpe

Family Medicine, medical specialists, Biomedical diagnosis, and Dental Health. Assists local and foreign patients of the Marina Alta with accessible services. This allows them to have private healthcare without delays, unnecessary travel, or costs.


HCB Asistel Moraira

Hospital Clinica Benidorm, moraira

HCB Asistel Moraira: Family Medicine, medical specialists, and physiotherapy center (MEDIFIT). It mainly attends the Dutch and Germans as well as other nationalities settled in the Marina Alta.

HCB Hospital Denia

HCB Hospital in Denia is a new private health service model in the north of Costa Blanca. Proximity, health quality, and patient safety are paramount.

HCB Denia is the second hospital in the HCB Group, which brings its own model of healthcare to Denia.
A modern, newly built center for hospitalisation, emergency care, intensive care, and outpatient consultations.

We cover most of the Costa Blanca north, with our polyclinics in Albir, Moraira, Calpe, and Denia, as well as our headquarters in Benidorm. We wish everyone a warm welcome.

Remember: We have English, Dutch, Norwegian, German speaking interpreters available, as well as many other languages.


Our hospital in Benidorm with doctors from all disciplines

of course with an interpreter, if you wish


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