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On the Costa Blanca and obviously in the rest of Spain there are special administration offices called Gestor or GestoriaA Gestor is a kind of intermediary between private individuals and companies on the one hand and government departments on the other.

gestor costa blancaEspecially companies and independent entrepreneurs use a gestor for their business administration, tax return and everything that comes with it.

The gestor also offers help to individuals for doing many administrative tasks because they become more and more complicated and cost a lot of time and effort for someone to arrange this themselves.

Since these procedures are becoming increasingly complicated and the language can also be a problem when doing many of these administrative matters, it is, therefore, easiest to use a gestor.

A few examples that a Gestor can arrange for you when you live on the Costa Blanca are: NIE application, registering a car on your name and the administrative tasks when constructing a house.

You can actually go to a gestor for any kind of administrative matters that you have to arrange.

Follow this link to find a Gestor/Gestoria if you need one

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