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If you live on the Costa Blanca or in any other part of Spain and you are a resident of one of the EU / EEA countries there is the possibility of applying for residencia/residency, however, this is only necessary if your stay is for more than three months. For people who are in the country for a stay of fewer than three months, it is sufficient to be able to identify themselves with their passport or valid ID card.


residencia - residency on the costa blanca

If you reside on the Costa Blanca for a period of more than three months you can apply for your temporary residencia/residency.


This document will be valid for five years and the people who want to apply must have the following requirements:

  • Self-employed, or employed
  • Have sufficient resources and private health insurance to not be a burden for social assistance in Spain
  • Students enrolled in a public or private centre and have a public or private health insurance
  • Partners, registered partners or spouses of an EU/EEA citizen


Within three months of the day of entry into Spain, or the Costa Blanca, these people who want to apply for residencia must go to the nearest foreign office to request a certificate of registration with their personal data. The documentation that needs to be presented is the following:

  • Application for registration (EX-18)
  • Passport or national identity document in force
  • N.I.E.- number
  • For employed workers: work contract, Vida Laboral (certificate of labour history)
  • For self-employed workers: Proof that they are self-employed (“altea de autónomo and hacienda”), Vida Laboral
  • People who do not work must provide documentation that they have sufficient resources and public or private health insurance
  • Students must provide proof of being enrolled in a study centre with public or private health insurance

Take in mind that you have to apply for an appointment through the internet, for that use this link. Fill in this digital form and you will be assigned the specific office you will have to attend for the application.

Once the residencia/residency card is received, it will be valid for 5 years or for the expected period of residencia/residency of the EU/EEA citizen, if this period is less than five years. For any further information, we suggest you check the website of the Ministry of Interior or to get in contact with a gestoria


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