Neumáticos Beneyto S.L.

Neumáticos Beneyto S.L.

Car tires / Car repair shops / MOT (IVE) / Mechanics

Partida El Planet 159J, Altea

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The best rims and tires

Beneyto rims and tires

We operate two tire centers, in Altea and Benidorm and we offer every type of service for your car, such as:

  • General Mechanics
  • Rims and Tires, of all brands
  • Pre-ITV check and/or ITV (more info)

Rims and Tires:

Beneyto rims and tires

All types and brands of tires can be provided by us, from economical ones to special versions for distinctive cars.

We usually have all the most used tires in stock, and can be changed at very short notice.
If you need a more special type of tire, it is possible that we need a couple of days to get hold of them, but it will not take long.

Whatever you need will be taken care of by our very experienced team in the best way possible

General Mechanics

Beneyto rims and tires

We perform all kinds of general mechanics for all types of cars and motors. Whatever kind of type or brand of car you drive. Bring your vehicle to one of our garages and we will check and look for the problem. If you want to we can tell you upfront what the costs of repair will be.

We have experienced and skilled mechanics who get the job done.

Pre-itv-check and ITV:

Beneyto rims and tires

Spanish law requires that all vehicles in Spain do a periodical inspection, the ITV (Inspection Tecnico de Vehiculos – similar to MOT). We can do an initial pre-ITV check so you can present your car at the ITV station.

Because of our check, you will be able to approve your vehicle without problems. If you prefer us to do that for you as well, because you might not speak sufficient Spanish, we are happy to provide that service to you. Bring us your vehicle and we will make sure your vehicle gets approved.


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