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Once you decide to buy a car, after arriving at the Costa Blanca, keep in mind that the car should have a valid ITV and you must have an NIE, passport and a contract of rent or “Padron

NEW CARSbuying car costa blanca, be sure it has itv

Car dealers sell the latest models at fixed prices, although it is a good idea to visit different dealers because they compete with each other offering additional discounts, guarantees, financing terms, and special offers.

Explain well to the dealer if you buy and register the car as a person or as a company, because it may be cheaper to do it as a company. You can use “ ” to find a car company or gestoria office who can advise you about the possibilities.

USED CARSwhen buying car costa blanca be sure it has itv

When buying a second-hand car, either as a private person or as a company, it is important to verify the following:

  • The car has to have a valid MOT (ITV).
  • The road tax must be paid up to date, the annual fee is paid by a person who is the owner of the vehicle on January 1 of the year the car is sold.
  • The seller is the owner of the car
  • There are no charges or fines on the car
  • Stamped history/service books, that confirm the mileage, repairs and/or periodic inspections have been completed by authorized workshops

To register a second-hand car in your name you need the logbook (Ficha técnica), the car’s documentation (matricula), a contract between the seller and you that mentions the purchase price and the passport/NIE copies of the seller and you.

The transfer is made in a gestoria and the price of the transfer is calculated on the purchase price, the age of the car, and engine type among others. It is quite common that the buyer of the vehicle pays the transfer fee, agrees well with the seller.

Your gestoria will send the documents to the DGT and give you a paper that mentions that the transfer is in process. This paper has an expiration date, keep it in mind to keep in touch with your gestor if he has already received the original documentation.

You can use “” to search and find a gestoria near you to handle the transfer for you.

The prices of used cars vary according to the region of Spain and, in general, are higher in remote areas and islands than in Madrid and other major cities. Given that cities like Madrid and Barcelona are not far away, it can also be very profitable to check these ads.


In case you choose to buy a car with foreign registration, keep in mind that the regulation of import and payment of fees and expenses can vary widely and can be very expensive. It is better to contact a gestoria to be informed about the possibilities or you can contact the General Customs Department in Madrid at 915 530 200/917 289 450 for additional information in you are able to explain yourself in Spanish.

when buying car costa blanca be sure it has itvAlways go to a gestoria for advice. Rules and fees may vary widely depending on the type of car, and from which country.


Driving your car from your country to your destination on Costa Blanca or another part of Spain is quite simple, importing it and registering it on Spanish license plates is another issue. As a tourist, it is not a problem to drive your car with the license plates of your country but if you are a resident of Spain you should have Spanish license plates in your car.

For more information, you can contact a gestoria near you and there is also a number of mechanic workshops run by foreigners that offer prices for a complete service of this procedure.



To use toll roads there are three ways to pay:

  • Cash with coins and bills
  • Credit cards
  • Telepeaje, through the ViaT system.

The ViaT system is easy to contract with numerous issuing entities With this system you pay as you choose or you do not have to wait in the queues of the toll booths of the  motorways


The road tax must be paid on all vehicles registered in Spain. The amount of the tax is based on the power of the vehicle among other things such as the different types, i.e. 4×4, hybrid, motorcycle, etc. Be sure to check your documentation to make sure it is correct.

The easiest way is to pay the fee once a year by direct debit or if you prefer to pay in person wait for the payment card and then pay at the bank or the SUMA office. Although the road tax is not shown on your car, the police will ask you to present a copy when they stop you.

MOT (ITV)buying car costa blanca

In Spain, the MOT ( ITV – Inspección Técnica de Vehiculos) is mandatory for all cars over 4 years old and motorcycles over 5 years old. This test must be done every 2 years for vehicles under 10 years old and yearly (6 monthly for vans) for vehicles over 10 years old. First, you must request a previous appointment here  

The day that you present your car at the ITV station of your choice to do the inspection you must present the following documents:

  • Car documentation (matricula)
  • Technical document of the car (Ficha Tecnica)
  • NIE or passport
  • Car insurance policy and payment slip

The price of the inspection varies for different reasons but you can calculate between € 32 and € 40 for a car of normal size and engine. If the inspection is positive you will receive all your documentation and a sticker with the expiration date to put on the windscreen of your car. The Spanish traffic regulations require that all drivers carry the following in their vehicle:

  • Two warning triangles – officially approved by the Ministry of the Interior
  • A spare tire and the tools to replace it
  • A set of light bulbs and tools to replace them
  • A reflective jacket and spare glasses (if the driver uses them)
  • Driver’s license / insurance receipt / vehicle identification documents.


Disclaimer: The information on this page only serves as general information and we are not responsible for incorrect information, changes in regulations, etc.


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