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Water, Gas & Electricity

After acquiring your property on the Costa Blanca it is most likely that an intermediate helped you during this process. Depending on whether you build, bought or rented it you will have used a constructor, estate agent or gestor. They should do what is necessary to ensure that the administration with respect to these service providers is done correctly. The following steps are a guide as to what to expect.


water gas electricity costa blanca

Your local town hall can provide you with information on which water company supplies your property, these are mainly local companies. To put the water supply contract in your name, you will have to go to your local water company office and bring the following documents.

For new properties:
  • First Occupation License (Licencia de Primera ocupación). The developer/builder requests these documents. The municipal technicians verify that the property is built in accordance with the law and legal construction plans. The constructor must pay the fees and deliver all documents to the city council before receiving this first occupation license.
  • Property deed showing your name as owner
  • An ID card, passport, NIE 
  • Bank account number for direct debit
  • Address of the property


For second-hand properties:

You must request the second occupancy license (Licencia de Segunda ocupación) for a second-hand property. It is similar to the process to request for the first occupation license. However, you will only need this if the original first license was issued more than 10 years ago. If this is the case a licensed architect must request this license. It verifies that the building still complies with the valid present laws. In addition to this license, you must also submit the following documentation to the water company:

  • A copy of the last water supply bill including contract details
  • The current meter reading in writing
  • ID card, passport, NIE
  • Bank account number for direct debit

Rented properties

Like already explained, if you rent a property, normally the real estate agent will make the necessary changes for you. These are the documents that must be presented:

  • Latest water supply bill, including contract details (can be a copy)
  • The current reading of the written down counter
  • ID card, passport or NIE
  • A bank account receipt with your direct debit information
  • Copy of the rental contract mentioning your name as a tenant. The supplier may request a written confirmation from the owner that says you can have the contract in your name

Many owners choose not to change the name in the contract, as a result of problems in the past. Some of them will only accept that the contract mentions your bank account for direct debit. Others will not even allow that and therefore want you to pay the costs directly to them. You can accept these terms, as long as you verify that the owner´s name is on the contract.



water gas electricity costa blanca

Contact your supplier for an appointment when you move to a property with a gas connection (currently only in major cities). After you have signed and informed them about the meter count you can use gas. The supplier sends a bi-monthly invoice (every two months), that includes VAT at 16 per cent. You can pay these bills by direct debit.

In case there is no gas network, you can have bottled butane (cylinders) gas delivered to your home.  They can also be available at local gas stations, supermarkets and other suppliers, depending on the area. You have to sign a contract to use this service and for this contract you must bring the following documents:

  • Photocopy and original passport or NIE
  • Title deed or rental agreement (copy)
  • Heating certificate
  • Bank account number for direct debit
  • Certificate of correct installation provided by the technician.

You have to pay for a refundable deposit for each gas bottle the first time you buy it. When the bottle is empty, you can change it for a full one. Keep in mind that you can only use the bottles that you contracted supplier offers. The price of gas fluctuates from time to time but is set at the same rate for all suppliers.




water gas electricity costa blanca

In general, as explained for the gas and water supply, you already used an intermediate for acquiring your property. As a result, they will also be helpful for the correct steps to connect the electricity to your home. These are the steps to follow.


New build properties

For new build properties you will need the following documents:

  • CIE (Electrical Connection Certificate / Boletin). To obtain this document, you must hire an authorized electrician. The authorized electrician will prepare the installation and once all is lawfully correct, he will give you this certificate
  • CUPS number: this is the contract number for a new connection and can be found on the boletin
  • First Occupation License (Licencia de Primera occupacion). See chapter on water supply for an explanation
  • NIE certificate
  • Your bank account number for direct debit
  • Address of the property


Existing properties

If you have purchased or rented an existing property that already has electricity supply, you must provide the following documents:

  • The copy of the latest electricity bill that includes the details of the contract
  • Your NIE number or passport
  • The account number for direct debit
  • The electricity company can ask you for the second occupation license (see the chapter on water supply for explanation)
  • Rental contract copy in case you rent the property as a tenant. The supplier may request a written confirmation from the owner that says you can have the contract in your name.


Properties without existing electricity connection

Be careful when the property you buy or rent does not have an existing electricity connection. Because If the property is 20 years or older a new connection certificate (boletin) must be requested. This can be a very expensive process because the complete electrical system will be checked. If the system does not comply with current standards it must be renewed before the connection certificate is approved. It is also possible that there is no connection because previous owners never paid the outstanding invoices. As a result, the supplier has deleted the connection and the debts must be paid before reconnecting is possible.


Similar to electricity supply to rented properties, many owners may only accept the tenant’s bank account mentioned on the invoices. Or they will not even allow that and ask you to pay them directly. You can accept these terms, as long as you verify that the owner´s name is on the contract.


Disclaimer: The information on this page only serves as general information. We are not responsible for incorrect information, changes in regulations, etc.


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