10 museums around the Costa Blanca

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A little culture and history

These 10 museums are just a small selection of museums worth visiting in Costa Blanca.

At TheCostaBlancaGuide, we love culture and history and if you are like us, you will enjoy visiting these great museums around the Costa Blanca. Such as the MAHE, Marq, and the Volvo Ocean Race museum.

MAHE, Archaeological and History Museum of Elche

museums around the Costa Blanca

At the foot of the Altamira Palace, in the heart of Elche, we find this museum. Here they display the archaeological remains found around the city and in the site of l’Alcúdia. That is where the Lady of Elche was found. In addition to a visit to the museum, why not visit the Altamira Palace when you are there?

Museum of Miniatures, Guadalest

museum around the costa blanca

We explained the curious museums that Guadalest has before in our Blog “A day in Guadalest”. Therefore, today we highlight the museum of miniatures in this town. In this museum, they have such things as a miniature Statue of Liberty inside the eye of a needle. As well as the painting of the Velázquez Meninas in a grain of corn

MARQ, Alicante

museums around the costa blanca

The Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante is considered one of the best museums in both the Valencian Community and Spain. As we explained in our previous Blog “wheelchair accessible” is also completely accessible for disabled people. In this museum, they offer a chronological tour of the history of the province of Alicante. And the presented international temporary exhibitions help us to better understand history.

Chocolate Museum, Villajoyosa

chocolate museum in villajoyosa

If you like chocolate you definitely should visit the Valor museum in Villajoyosa. Apart from how chocolate is made they also explain the history of making it. Who does not want to be surrounded by the aromas of chocolate during such a tour?

Alcoià de la Festa Museum, Alcoy

Moors and Christians in Alcoy

The festivities of Moors and Christians of Alcoy have been declared of International Tourist Interest. This museum tells us all there is to know about this wonderful event. And on top of that, this museum shows the beautiful costumes that they used in earlier editions. This kind of event is pretty famous in many towns around Costa Blanca. So If you like them this museum is absolutely worth a visit.

MUPE, Elche

Dinosaurs in Elche

This particular Paleontological Museum in Elche is a must for those that adore dinosaurs and their history. The life-size models and informative workshops are a delight for young and old.

Museum of the Wall, Orihuela

museum in orihuela and the volvo ocean race museum

The interesting thing about this museum is that its located in the cellar of a building of the Miguel Hernandez University. During excavations for the foundations of this building, they found the remains of walls, Arab baths, Islamic houses, and much more. The city decided to build the cellar around the remains because of their importance.


10 museums around the costa blanca

The Alcoy Fire Museum is located in an old textile factory. Here we learn about the Firefighter’s trade and its evolution throughout recent history. It is perfectly suitable to take your children, as they offer special workshops for them.

Volvo Ocean Race Museum in Alicante

volvo ocean race

This is dedicated to the most demanding sailing competition in the world. It began years ago as Whitbread Race around the world and it evolved into the toughest regatta in the world. This interactive museum about the Volvo Ocean Race shows what the crews endure during the competition. They use very interesting videos and visuals to do that.

The Railway Museum in Torrellano (Elche)

volvo ocean race museum, train museum in torrellano

Last but not least we highlight this museum south of Alicante, which is dedicated to trains. It offers lots of models, the railway library, the photographic archive, and a still-functioning steam locomotive. A trip on this train only costs a donation of 1,50€. This truly is the perfect place for fans of trains.

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