Municipal information – boring but important

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Do you find the bureaucracy hard?

Information about NIE, Padron, Residencia, gestor, etc…

Municipal information is a separate section of our website that provides you with basic ABC information on many important topics such as “everyone asks each other all the time”. These are things that most of us need at one time or another, so it’s just getting to know how it works. If you are fairly up to date and ready, everything goes so much easier.

Most people start by asking someone who has already received the necessary documents. Unfortunately, too many people often find that the well-received answers from friends and acquaintances are not quite correct, or do not matter at all. This is because laws and regulations change, and those who have already been through the process you are now facing had other rules to adhere to.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you with some information

Our municipal information is updated four times a year, by a Gestor, and is therefore easy to relate to as a starting point. Admittedly, we are no experts on this, so please do not make important decisions without checking once more.

We have therefore created this ABC list of the most important issues and documents that most people will need. With this information, you will find out most, much easier.

Some of the perhaps most relevant topics you will find here is the following information on for example:


nie, padron

Important for you, important for the municipality. This is your basic registration in your municipality to be able to have the right preparedness, be it; fire, health care, police, etc. It is your responsibility if you stay more than 3 months at a time in the country. Read more


nie, padron

NIE is perhaps THE most basic document that must be available for almost whatever you want. It is an absolute “must-have document”, used for everything. Simple but sometimes a bit time-consuming to arrange. Read more


gestoria on the costa blanca

What is a Gestor and why might you need one? A Gestor can help and assist you with most things related to numbers and documents. A Gestor can be said to be an accountant, with a number of other additional functions. Read more


municipal information

If you have more than 3 months stay this is very relevant. The document is indefinitely valid and needs to be renewed. See what documents you need and where to go for the application. (link to an appointment and more) Read more


SIP card on the costa blanca

In order to gain full and free access to the Spanish health care system, you must be registered with the social security system. To be so, you must have an income. Be it all types of permanent social security, pensions, or regular salaries. Read more

Health centers and emergency rooms

nie, padron

Where should you go if you need general health services and emergencies? Links to private hospitals and the phone numbers of the most common emergencies. You will find more information here

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account in Spain is very useful since a lot of use in housing can be paid with direct debit. For many, it can also be used with Spanish debit and/or credit cards. Read more

Purchase and sale of a house

buying property on the costa blanca guide

Once you have decided to buy or sell a property in Costa Blanca, keep in mind that you will be charged the extra expenses that come in addition to the sale price. Real estate agents operate at slightly different rates but, these are the “rules of thumb”. Read more

And there is more…

We also address topics such as Public Transport – Social Security – Water, Gas & Electricity – Certificate – Buying a Car – Reporting a Crime – Education – and more …

For a full overview, go to our Municipal Information section But remember, whatever you need, start with your NIE.

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