A day in Finestrat

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La Cala included

In a very successful way, Turismo de Finestrat has prepared a route to reach the main points of interest of the town. Because of that, it is a fun way to discover them while you are on a day in Finestrat. The tourist information center in town has all the information you need.

Finestrat is one of those charming small towns that has managed to maintain its spirit, partly because of its proximity to Benidorm. It is located just 8 km from the hustle and bustle of this Mediterranean Manhattan, but it boasts a completely different atmosphere with lots of nature, mountains, and historical buildings and traditions.

How to get to Finestrat

The easiest way to get to this lovely town is to take the exit on the N-332 in Benidorm towards the CV-767. This road leads directly into the village.

What can you visit in Finestrat?

Sea and mountains, that is how we can define this locality in three words. Because of that, there is the tranquility of the town inland and the touristic area on the seafront.

La Cala de Finestrat

La Cala de Finestrat
This is the part of the municipality at the seafront. It is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and bars and can be very touristic during the summer months. Around this bay, there are two hills that are worth a visit to their summits. They give a great view over the coast and beaches. You can also visit the market on Tuesday and Saturday. The interesting thing about this market is that it is located in a street that officially belongs to the town of Villajoyosa.

The old historic streets of Finestrat

a day in finestrat

Returning to the historic center of the municipality you should not miss the chance to visit flower street. In this street, you can climb the staircase towards the local auditorium. This beautiful street full of colorful flowers looks and feels untouched by time and it seems it has not changed in centuries.

La Font del Molí, Finestrat

a day in finestratIt is the most important well of the municipality The well of the Mill has 15 pipes and is the starting point of the ascent to the Puig Campana and other excursions.

Puig Campana

the emblematic mountain
With 1410 m of height, its proximity to the coast, and its peculiar forms. The Puig Campana is one of the most emblematic points of the Costa Blanca. On it, we will find the ideal place to enjoy nature in its purest state. Both walkers, adventurers, and climbers, as well as those who like to contemplate this beautiful mountain, will find a reference point of the Levantine coast in the Puig Campana. Ascending it is highly recommended, but be prepared because it is not the easiest of hikes. However, the views from the top are unforgettable.


This is an emblematic rocky ridge, between Finestrat and the ravine “del Xarquer”. Here there is it is possible to go hiking and climbing. Nearby there is the “Mas de Sacarest”. From where you can get to the town of Sella, either on foot or by mountain bike. Here you will definitely escape the busy streets and tourists that are so common near the beaches. This is local nature in its purest form.

Local Fiestas in Finestrat

Just like any other Spanish town, Finestrat has a lot of local fiestas it celebrates during the year. We have found the most interesting and popular fiestas. The most interesting ones are:

Patron Saint Festivities (around August 24): the day on which Saint Bartholomew, Patron of Finestrat, is commemorated.

San Antonio Abad (mid-January): One of the oldest traditions of Finestrat has preserved thanks to the celebration of Sant Antoni del Porquet. The celebration of San Antonio maintains the tradition when the young people march the town walking a pig and collecting the donations of the neighbors, house by house.

The Day of Ereta (Holy Week): The tradition marks that every Easter Monday, all residents go to the Font del Molí. There, they will eat the Mona de Pascua, a day of joy and conviviality in a privileged place to enjoy the best products of the area.

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