5 best pebble beaches

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A handful of pebble beaches

If you like the beach and the sea but you do not like sand, in this blog you discover the 5 best pebble beaches of Costa Blanca. On these beaches, you can have a swim and return home without looking like you are sandblasted.

Cala Granadella, Jávea

one of the 5 best pebble beaches in Jávea

This cove is one of the most beautiful in the province. Mainly because the tonalities of the water and its surroundings are spectacular. In recent years it has become increasingly known among people, and therefore it can be very busy however it is worth a visit

Cala Racó, Calpe 

the pebble beach in Calpe

It is located at the southern side at the foot of the Peñon de Ifach, nearby the fishing harbor. The cove is small, so you better make sure to arrive early. Otherwise, it will be difficult to catch a spot and you may be burdened. The best this cove offers is the crystal clear water where plenty of fish swims around. Do not forget to bring a diving mask when you want to see this.

Tip of the day! Bring a banana, peel it and hold it under you in the water while snorkeling. If the fish are tame enough, it is a very fun experience to see the fish “team” around you while they are enjoying themselves with the banana.

Beaches of Tabarca Island

one of the 5 best pebble beaches in Tabarca island

The island of Tabarca is a typical Mediterranean paradise and all its beaches are made of stone. The large main beach is just behind the small port where the ferries arrive. Other more secluded corners can be found around the island.

Cala Ambolo, Jávea

This beach is to the south of Cabo de la Nao and is considered a nudist beach. There are no services or lifeguards available on this particular beach.

Cala Racó del Conill, Villajoyosa

This cove is located in the northern part of Villajoyosa, going towards Benidorm. As the above-described beach in Jávea, this beach is also considered a nudist beach. The access is a narrow and curved road that begins at the casino building on the main road N-332. Two separate small coves form this beach, because of that it can get crowded. The best thing to do is come early and enjoy the peace. It is one of the coves with the cleanest water you will find to practice diving.

On Costa Blanca, we have many more coves and pebble beaches, these are the ones we like the most. If you know about better beaches do not hesitate to tell us and we will explain them in another post.


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