A day in a healthy garden

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A well-kept garden

Today we present a few ideas to spend a day in a healthy garden and things to do here, enjoying being outdoors again. As we do not yet know how the situation evolves we do advise contacting the gardens. Ask if they are opened before you visit one of them.

L’Albarda Garden in Pedreguer

a day in a healthy garden

In this garden, there are more than 700 species of plants and vegetation, for you to discover. Mainly from Mediterranean places in the Valencian Community. So you can say most of what grows here is autochthonous.

a day in a healthy garden

They started this garden 30 years ago, in 1990 to be precise, and it has a surface of more than 50.000 m2.

a day in a healthy garden

Throughout the year many species show their beautiful colors and smells to the visitors. The Fundem foundation is the owner of this garden that is located near Dénia, in the La Sella Urbanization (C/Baix Vinalopó 8) in Pedreguer. With the help of sponsors, they develop activities focused on the protection of the local flora and fauna. For more information about the reopening and upcoming opening hours call 96 352 30 99 or visit their website.

El Sueño (The Dream) Botanical garden in Ondara

The owners created this wonderful and tranquil place near Ondara years ago and they want each visitor to feel satisfied and overwhelmed when their visit comes to an end. It really is a nice place to discover. The main activity is a personalized visit.

For approximately two hours, the creators accompany you and give a great lesson in what grows and flourishes in the garden. Feel free to contact them for more information about their new opening hours. Call 617 90 73 18 or visit the website.

National Artistic Garden Huerto del Cura

a day in a heathy garden
Discover this amazing historic garden is located in the center of the city of Elche. Tropical and Mediterranean plants cohabit side by side surrounded by large amounts of palm trees. The Huerto del Cura garden is so popular because one of the rarest species of a date palm tree grows there.

a day in a healthy garden

Chaplain Castaño dedicated this tree to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria (“Sissi”)  when she visited the garden in 1894. It is believed this tree is over 180 years of age. This is definitely a place to put on your “things to do” list.

a day in a healthy garden

Furthermore, there is a beautiful garden house with a large history and a variety of sculptures are exposed in the garden. Birds and fish play around in the many ponds spread out underneath the palms. Feel free to call for more information about their opening schedule at 965 451 936, or visit the website for additional information.

These are just a few examples of places where you can spend a day in a garden. Our next blog will give you some more ideas about things to do before we move on to another subject. We hope you can enjoy one of these gardens soon and feel free to send us your reviews and pictures of them.

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