A day in Agost

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An inland village

Today we spend a day in Agost, a small town in the inland region of l’Alacantí at just 18 kilometers from Alicante.

This village maintains its traditions, lots of potteries still produce their artisan products. There is even a pottery Museum, where we can learn about the history of this craft industry. But there is much more to discover in Agost, as you will discover in this blog.

How to get to Agost

The AP-7 motorway is a few kilometers away from the town. Take the San Vicente del Raspeig exit and continue on the CV-820 to reach the village. From the Alicante bus station, there are busses each hour to Agost.

Things to do in Agost?

Agost has interesting archaeological sites corresponding to the cultures of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, and the Iberian, Roman, and medieval periods. These sites are especially interesting because of the location that Agost occupies, located as a transit point between the region of Medio Vinalopó and the Campo de Alicante. Some sites include villages of the Bronze Age such as “El Negret” and “Castellet de la Murta”. Others show an Iberian necropolis, a burial cave, and a Roman villa. So you will be busy with things to do during a day in Agost because there is a lot to discover here.

 La Murta Castle

a day in agost

They build this castle on the top of the Sierra de La Murta, 8 kilometers from the town center. Only a few ruins remain but they show what size the complex was. Its purpose was the protection of the route that linked the inland mountain area with the coast and Alicante.

Old Pottery La Navá

It is now used as a rural accommodation called “La Fábrica”. However, It still maintains the workshops and numerous elements of the original pottery.

Hermitage of Santa Justa and Rufina

A day in Agost

They built this hermitage in 1821 as a dedication to the patron saint of potters. The roof and dome with green and yellow tiles are the most colorful feature of this building, You will discover that these colors are typical colors the Agost potters still use today. The building is a unique point located in the famous pottery street in the town’s center.

Church of St. Peter the Apostle

A day in Agost

During your day in Agost, you should go by the Parish of Agost to show the different building styles they used during its construction from the mid 17th to the end of the 18th century. The bell set in the tower was made by Raimundo Roses in 1791. The interior decor is one of the best examples of Alicante Baroque.

Pottery Museum Torregrosa

A day in Agost

This museum was a traditional pottery factory until 1975 when it closed. It retains its original structure with lathes, dryers and Arab oven. There is no other building with these characteristics left at present. All current potteries use modern-day techniques to make their products.

Fortified remains of the Hill of the Hermitage

They built this old castle after the Christian reconquest. All that is left are the base of a tower and some reused wall in the hermitage of San Pedro. The chapel offers a beautiful view of the valley of Alicante with the sea in the backdrop. Inland the Maigmó and Ventós mountains and the plains of Les Valls del Vinalopó complete the view.

Town square fountain

They built this fountain of the Plaza de España in 1786. It maintains the octagonal shape with eight pipes adorned with lion heads.

The bridge of L’Arc

A bridge of Arab origin that they used until the mid-twentieth century to conduct water from the nearby well to the town.

Hiking and walking

There are much different hiking and walking routes around the village. The tourist office in the center has all the information of the routes available.

The route to the Murta mountain is worth mentioning as the movie “Return of the Seven” with Yul Brinner was recorded here. The top of the mountain shows spectacular views of the surroundings in Costa Blanca.

Another route is “El Ventós”, which leads over the L’Arc bridge along ravines and an eroded landscape known as badlands. This mountain top also has a fantastic panoramic view to enjoy.

The Artisan and Gastronomic Fair

Every year from 9 till 12 October they celebrate this fair with lots of unique dishes of the local cuisine Agost offers.

Many bars and restaurants participate in this fair and offer gastronomic menu’s that includes typical dishes with ingredients as sheep and rabbit. And these same restaurants and bars offer their typical tapas in summer during the Tapagost event in July and August.


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