A day in Alicante

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The capital of the province

To spend a day in Alicante is to enjoy a city that still retains its traditional charm. It can boast of being a bright and warm city with a pleasant climate throughout most of the year. Because of this, a beach visit with the Santa Barbara castle dominating the center can almost be assured. But of course, there is so much more than the sun and the beach. There are a lot of things to do and places to discover in this beautiful town.

Things to do in Alicante

The Esplanade of Alicante

a day in alicante

The construction took more than 6 and a half million pieces of marble to build this tricolor mosaic promenade floor. It has become the most internationally known postcard of the city. It is located parallel to the marina and shaded by rows of palm trees. As a result, it is cool in summer and pleasant during the winter period. Many come here for a walk or read the newspaper while their children play for a while. Obviously, it is possible to have a drink, lunch, or dinner in a restaurant or café located along the promenade. With a bit of luck, there will even be a concert at the Concha Auditorium. This is a stage that shows performances throughout the year.

The Marina of Alicante

a day in alicante

The harbor is located in front of the Esplanade separated by the road that runs through the center. It has two piers that have hotels, restaurants as well as shops and bars. Both piers offer great views at the Santa Barbara Castle, especially when it is lit at sunset. The former Fish Market building is located next to the southern pier. It is used as an exhibition hall where many interesting exhibitions are shown.

Castle of Santa Barbara

a day in alicante

The Santa Bárbara castle is a city icon, also known as Head of the Moor, and “a must” during your day in Alicante.

The Santa Barbara castle can be visited using the free elevator from the entrance in front of Postiguet beach. Furthermore, there is an access road on the back that makes it possible to drive up to it by car. There is a car park to leave the car and explore the different parts of the castle on foot. When arriving at the top the impressive 360-degree views of Alicante as well as the Mediterranean can be enjoyed.

Different events, as well as free guided tours, are organized in the Santa Barbara Castle during the year. It is okay to bring food and drinks since there is a large pick-nick area in the middle section. Especially in summer, it is a lovely place to relax and digest the scenery and your food.

Barrio de Santa Cruz

a day in alicante

One of the most typical neighborhoods of Alicante is still not well known. It feels like you move into another world during your day in Alicante, while you walk through its narrow and steep lanes, between the colorful houses. We leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind us as we enjoy the flowers adorning the facades. It is located in a fairly high area, next to the wall, that descends from the Santa Bárbara Castle.

Park of the Ereta

The beautiful Ereta park next to the mythical neighborhood of Santa Cruz occupies almost seven hectares. The winding paths invite you to enjoy the fantastic viewpoints, fountains, and nature. Some cafeterias and a panoramic restaurant offer the second-best panoramic views of the city of Alicante.

Visit this park without being in a hurry and with the desire to disconnect from the city and breathe pure air. The Barrio de Santa Cruz and a few flights of stairs give access to the park.

It is best to first visit the Barrio Santa Cruz and to go to the Ereta park afterward. Once there just sit on a bench and listen. Listen to the sounds of the fountains and contemplate the wonderful views of Alicante and the Mediterranean.

Park El Palmeral de Alicante

This park is one of the most important natural resources of Alicante and its surroundings. It is a great place to visit and spend mornings or evenings with children. Because it offers large areas suitable for walking, playing, or running around among the abundant palm trees and roads. There are even a lake and artificial rivers that have wooden bridges to cross them.

It is located on the road to Elche and part of the Barrio de San Gabriel, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its privileged location facing the sea, it stands out from other palm groves. Such as the Palmeral de Elche and the Palmeral de Orihuela.


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