A day in Altea

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The charming white village

To be a day in the white village of Altea it feels like time has stopped. It is one of those Mediterranean villages that allow you to fully submerge in its cobbled streets with white houses. Every street corner, square, and street of this municipality surprises those who visit it. It has so many interesting corners that we could write several posts about spending a day in Altea.

How to get to Altea?

From Torrevieja and Alicante in the south, take the A-7 or the N-332 north towards Valencia. The traffic signs will tell you exactly what exit to take. Both these roads also have an exit from the north side, if you come from Valencia or Dénia. You can also choose to come by tram-via. Line 9 connects Benidorm from Dénia and has 2 stations in the center of this Mediterranean village.

Things to do in Altea

a day in altea

As we have said, Altea really needs more than just one visit to be able to visit all its corners; today we offer you the places that we consider worthy of a visit.

The old part of the city

The old town center of Altea is considered one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean coast. This part of the village is magical. It is a place with a lot of charm, narrow and steep streets, and white houses covered with colorful flowers.

a day in altea

Above all, it is a place to get lost, to let the hours go by and enjoy countless shops. These shops are filled with a large variety of interesting things and crafts as well as art and jewelry. Many excellent restaurants are also present in the rising streets.

a day in altea

The church

Located in the center of the historic quarter of Altea, the two blue-tiled towers of the Church of Our Lady Consuelo are visible from any point of the town. This church is a beautiful architectural work of new-baroque style, with modernist details. It is raised on the foundations of an ancient temple, located next to the charming Mediterranean town square and cobbled steep streets.


After visiting the church, you only need a few steps to reach the Cronistas viewpoint. It is the main viewpoint of the village with views of the sea, the Sierra Helada, Benidorm, and the ever-present mountains a little further inland. Walking through the small buzzing streets before you get to the viewpoint is already worth the experience.

The promenade

A stroll along the promenade of Altea, with wonderful views of the bay, is another activity you should definitely do. A pleasant sea breeze will keep you company in summer and winter. In summer, it is a bustling place with many bars and restaurants with lively terraces and tasty menus. They offer the possibility to taste the rich cuisine of the area. Sprinkled in between are multiple shops where they sell clothing of famous brands as well as handcrafted local articles.

a day in altea

There are not only charming streets and corners in Altea. It also has fantastic beaches like Mascarat beach. This beautiful wonder of nature is located right behind Marina Greenwich. This marina thanks its name to the fact it is situated at the 0 Meridian just like Greenwich. To the north, a large vertical limestone wall rises from the sea and forms a spectacular setting. Perhaps it is one of the wildest and most beautiful locations of Altea. The marina has many shops and restaurants whereas the beach has just a chiringuito, one restaurant, and some parking space. In this area of Altea, the seabed is rocky and full of Posidonia meadows. As a result, the water here is especially crystalline and therefore perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Castell de l’Olla

If you happen to be a day in Altea during the second Saturday night of August, this is one of the things to do.You must go see and discover Castell de l’Olla. This spectacular and already traditional fireworks festival is celebrated around San Lorenzo and visited by more than 50.000 people. They all gather during the day on the beaches surrounding L´Olla and wait for the show that starts at midnight. The show is a spectacle fired from platforms on the sea and accompanied by music that amazes everyone. Unfortunately due to the current health situation regarding Covid-19, we do not yet know if this show will be celebrated this year.



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