A day in Benissa

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Cathedral in Neo-Gothic style

Benissa is an ideal place to enjoy a holiday at any time of the year. Due to its climate and the beauty of its beaches, coves, landscapes and streets. There is definitely a lot of things to do, and places to discover here.

Its interesting and beautiful landscape is complemented by a municipality that grew around ancient walls. Because of that, it has an urban centre of special historical and architectural interest. Added to this is a popular culture that is rich in fiestas and customs and offers varied typical gastronomy.

How to get there?

Things to do in Benissa

It is a pleasure to walk through the perfectly preserved Historic Centre of Benissa. Because of its buildings, cobbled streets, centuries-old walls and stately homes.

Talking about hundred-year-old buildings, without deceiving, we present you the obligatory places to visit.

The church of La Puríssima Xiqueta.

the church of benissa
The Cathedral of the Marina in Neo-Gothic style

The square of L´església Vella.

 a town square in benissa
One of our favourite places in the municipality.

Sala Del Consell (Councilor´s Hall).

historic building in benissa
It was built at the end of the 16th century.

Abargues Museum

It is a palatial house of the XVIII-XIX centuries

Al Riberero Monument

It is a character with a deep tradition in the life of Benissa.

Cultural centre / Library.

the centre of benissa town
Old Palace of Torres-Orduña. It dates back to the sixteenth century.

The natural environment around Benissa

benissa coast line
The beaches of Benissa are spectacular. Beginning with the Bay of Bassetes that gives us a magnificent view of the Peñón de Ifach. After that, we pass by the Playa la Fustera which is made of fine sand. Furthermore, the Cala Pinets is highly recommended for families. Finally, the Cala de la Llobella is the smallest and wildest cove of all. not to forget the Cala Baladrar that has a beach bar with live music during the summer. An ad to top it off the small beach of l’Advocat, with a breakwater and a small square for a quiet stroll.

coves and beaches
But it is not all about walking on the beach. Also, Benissa is characterized by the rich diversity of its colourful underwater species. The dense underwater meadows of Posidonia oceanic give oxygen to the water and besides that host many different species. Due to that, it makes its waters a natural sanctuary. As a result, making diving with a bottle or snorkelling the best way to discover this hidden part of Benissa.
underwater world
Snorkelling is one of the simplest, fun and economic sports that can be practised at sea. To enjoy snorkelling, you only need a pair of goggles, a tube and fins to dive. Because of these simple elements, you can observe the shallow marine bottom of 6 sub-aquatic hiking trails. But we can not always enjoy diving or beaches so Benissa offers us another way to get to know its places.

Ecological tour

The four kilometres of the coast is steep with cliffs and small coves invaded by pines. As a result, this coastline offers an ecological tour, which you can tour practically throughout the year.
view from the coast of benissa
This Ecological Tour is the best trip you can do along the coast of Benissa. The starting point is the Casa dels Cent Vents which is the Tourist Office on the Benissa beach.

It consists of a south and north itinerary, both parallel to the coast with information panels. These panels describe various aspects of the local culture, history and botanical and geological wealth. As a result, it is a pleasant walk of low difficulty.

We recommend the following routes, that we will describe in detail in upcoming articles.

Route of the Hermitages

hermitages in benissa
A walk along small and cosy hermitages consequently inviting to relax.

PR-CV 340 Oltà.

This circular path allows us to enjoy the spectacular sea and mountain views.

What to eat?

In addition to culture, history and nature, Benissa offers gastronomy with strong traditional roots, with tasty and original dishes.
local food in benissa
You should definitely try the Borreta de Melva, Bull amb ceba, Mullador de pelleta or Sang amb ceba. Furthermore, there is Putxero de polp, Mullador de sangatxo, Coques al calfó or amb mullador.

As in the rest of the Costa Blanca and in the Valencian Community, the variety of rice is almost infinite. Probably the ones we like the most are the arròs al forn and arròs amb faba pelada. Similarly, good varieties are arròs amb fèsols I naps and arròs a banda.

And before we finish talking about food, we advise you to buy homemade sausages from Benissa. The artisan butchers of the municipality continue using the traditional techniques to produce them. For that reason, they have maintained their particular flavour of always without additives neither preservatives.
typical local benissa sausages

Benissa surprises at every step. A scenery full of contrasts and history with film-like landscapes certainly invites you to enjoy every corner of this municipality.


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