A day in Bolulla

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A small village with 450 inhabitants

Today we spend a day in Bolulla, the tiny village a few kilometers inland from Benidorm. Bolulla looks like a quiet magical place, like a small crack in time where we return to agriculture and crowded one-floor houses. There is only a small amount of written information related to the history of the Villa de Bolulla. Originally a farmhouse in the Muslim era it was reconquered by the army of King Jaime I in 1254. The remains of the Garx Castle stand on top of the Castellet mountain to the north.

How to get to Bolulla?

Bolulla is a small mountain village and the only road to get there is the CV-715 from La Nucia. From here you pass Polop, Callosa d’en Sarria, and the Fonts the Algar waterfalls before reaching the village.

Things to do in Bolulla

The 18th century Parish Church

a day in bolulla

This church displays a valuable image of Sant Josep carved in wood.

The castle of Garx

a day in bolulla

The remains of the Castle of Garx are located two kilometers north of the village on the road towards Tarbena. This castle was constructed by the Moors and later conquered by the Christians.

Local Festivities

This town celebrates its local festivities each year during the third weekend in August. This festival is to honor Saint Joseph, the Virgin of Sorrows, and the Blessed Sacrament. It is a weekend filled with religious celebrations, a huge paella, traditional dances, and more.

The Arab settlement

In this area, the remains of the Peña del Castellet or those of the deserted Moorish of Garx, show us the Moorish origin of the municipality.

Hiking and Canyoning

Things to do for those who like activities.

This small village of Bolulla shares its name with the river Bolulla that flows through it. The ravine that this river created over time is one of the most beautiful ravines in Alicante. Located between the town and the famous waterfalls of the Algar river, many people visit this place. The Bolulla river starts in the valley of Tarbena and the water flow depends on the season. Before it joins the Algar river it surprises the visitor with various areas worth visiting. Especially the Barranco de L’Estret de Les Penyes, and the waterfall of Bolulla. This hidden waterfall is not easy to access but surely worth a visit if you like nature.

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