A day in Denia

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A cosmopolitan city

We love Denia and not only because of its beaches or people but because it is a cosmopolitan modern city. And now is the perfect time to spend a day in Denia, with not too many tourists wandering around.

How to get there?

It is very easy to go and spend a day in Denia because the city has its own entrance/exit to the A-7 motorway. Whether you come from North or south, take exit 62 and follow the C-311 directly into town. There is also a possibility to travel by tram from Alicante. This is a very scenic touristic route that takes a few hours in total. From Alicante center tram line 1 goes to Benidorm. Here you have to take line 9 towards Denia. At the moment (June 2020) the stretch between Calpe and Denia is under construction, busses replace this route.

What to do in Denia

A day in Dénia

Discover beautiful coves

Denia has about 20 kilometers of coastline, which includes the beaches on the north. Such as Punta del Raset and Les Marines in the area of Las Marinas as well as Les Bovetes and Els Molins. And finally the beaches of L’Almadrava (with pebble area) and Deveses. To the south, there is the area of Las Rotas with the sandy Marineta Cassiana beach and the beautiful rocky coves.

a day in dénia

These have interesting names like Les Rotes and El Trampolí  Furthermore, there are La Punta Negra, Les Arenetes, and La Cala. If you decide to go to the coves of Les Rotes, do not miss the route to Cova Tallada.

The Castle of Denia

a day in dénia

But if you prefer a walk with cool views as a reward, we recommend going up to the castle of Denia. It is a very pleasant walk and besides that, there are panoramic breathtaking views of the city and sea. Another thing worth mentioning to do is to take a stroll through El Portet (the port).

Here you can watch the sun disappear and turn the blue sky orange with the castle in the background. However, if you rather relax during the evening and enjoy a drink by the sea, you should visit one of the many terraces surrounding the Marina.  This is a very satisfying way to end an interesting day in Denia.

If you plan to visit the castle, the path starts at the Plaza de la Constitución nearby the town hall. It continues through the Calle Loreto. In this street, we recommended to take a break and try the delicious tapas before you continue towards the castle.

What to Eat?

a day in dénia
The first thing to do after arriving in Denia is to sit down and eat. In a city declared “Creative City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO you can be sure there is good food. The most famous local delicacy is its red prawns (Gambas Rojas).

The city’s restaurants serve them as fresh as can be. The fishermen catch them every day and bring them ashore to be served. Experts consider them to be the best in the world. You should definitely try some during your day in Dénia. But not it’s not only red prawns that they serve in Dénia. Other seafood and the rice dishes such as “Arroz a banda” are tasteful plates to try.

The local market

The Municipal Market of Denia is also worth a recommendation. Here they sell the best fresh gourmet products to take home. With all the ingredients they sell, you can try to recreate the many flavors you tasted in the city’s restaurants, at your own stove.

There are two obligatory pilgrimage places for any food addict that visits Denia. One is the fish market that opens Monday to Friday from 17:30 to 20:30 hrs. Here they sell a variety of seafood. And if you want to see the fish being auctioned make sure to be there half an hour earlier. The other place is the restaurant of Quique Dacosta, boasting three Michelin stars. We know that it is not within reach of all pockets though.

If you go visit Denia after these recommendations feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your experience.

If you want to contact the Ayuntamiento of Denia, please follow this link.

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