A day in El Campello

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23 kilometers of coastline

Today we spend a day in El Campello, the town of which many people think is part of Alicante. In fact, it is a town with an interesting history and lots to offer. Such as the long sandy beaches, the beach promenade, the Banyets, Villa Marco, and lots more.

How do you get to El Campello?

The town is situated north of Alicante and therefore enjoys the infrastructure a big town has to offer, As a result, the motorway A-7 passes next to the town and the N-332 national road goes through it. Furthermore, tram lines 1, 3, and 4 connect El Campello to the Alicante city center. Also, busses are available, such as line 21 and line C2.

What can you see and visit in El Campello?

The beaches

a day in el campello, the port and the beach

El Campello has about 23 kilometers of coastline, divided into sandy beaches and rocky coves and cliffs. One of the most famous ones is the Carrer la Mar beach. They reconstructed it a few years ago with fine golden sand and lays in front of the beach walk with the same name. I little further north is the port with the nautic club and the promenade. These two areas are considered the town’s entertainment area with bars, restaurants, and gift shops.

a day in el campello

Further south, another famous beach is the Muchavista beach. It stretches out over 3 kilometers in an almost straight line before it continues as the beach of San Juan. To the north, the coastline is more savage with cliffs and secluded coves.

La Illeta del Banyets & the tower

La Illeta dels Banyets

This peninsula, also known as Les Banyets is of great historic importance due to the remains that they found there. Pieces of a Roman settlement, Islamic constructions, and remains from the Bronze age were found on this peninsula. These finds prove that it must have been an important port. An earthquake long ago destroyed the part that kept it connected to the mainland. It was only reconnected to the mainland in 1943. Unfortunately, they destroyed a part of the prehistoric necropolis because they used dynamite to achieve it.

the tower and la Illeta
The tower of la Illeta stands proud above the La Illeta and the marina. They constructed it between 1554 and 1557 to protect the town from pirate attacks. It has been acknowledged as a building of cultural interest and was reconstructed in 1994.

Villa Marco in El Campello

villa marco in el campello

This house dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The owner, the father of the honorary consul of France in Alicante, started the development of the property. He gave it a modern style with curious french influences that made it stand out of the other properties of the era.

the gardens of vill marco

At the beginning of the 20th century, they also created large gardens that are divided into five different parts. The Arabic garden originally was used as an orchard and the historic garden has lots of specimens. Furthermore, the entrance garden is where the carriages arrived and the Mediterranean garden has native plants. Last but not least there is a large pine forest.

There is lots more to discover in this town that we will explain the next time we spend a day in El Campello.


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