A day in Relleu

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Between the mountains

Today we spend a day in Relleu, in order to discover a little of this small town surrounded and guarded by large rock formations. It rests peacefully between the mountains with the ever-present Puig Campana in the distance.

How to get to Relleu

Because of its location, you have to drive the CV-770 from Villajoyosa to Sella and then go left on the CV-775 to get to the town. If you want to go by bus, there is only line 020 from Carrefour in Finestrat that goes there once a day.

Things to do during a day in Relleu?

The church

a day in Relleu

The parish church of Santiago Apóstol was built in the 17th century on the old Arab cemetery of the town. They demolished it at the end of the last century and finished rebuilding in 1931. Attached to the church is the chapel of the Mare de Deu of miracles, patron of Relleu.

Hermitage of Sant Albert

A day in Relleu

This Hermitage of Sant Albert is accessible from the center of Relleu via the Calvari street. Although they do not know the year of its foundation, based on documents they suspect it was built around 1710. They celebrate the tribute to this local patron saint with a pilgrimage on the 7th of August 7.

The Museum

a day in relleu

We find the museum of Relleu in the historic town center. In this building, we can make a fascinating trip to the past and learn about the uses and customs that were carried out not only in different trades but also in the homes of most Spaniards. They show the history of the evolution of the town of Relleu on the second floor. Here the remains of skeletons, tools, flint, and ancient arrowheads are on display. Furthermore, there are various musical instruments and music books of the band.


Route of the Bortolons

a day in relleu

Through ancient roads, such as Camí de Xixona or dels Bortolons, the route immerses us in the typical rural landscape of Relleu. Here we find a mountainous terrain with dry terraces that ascend the slopes almost to their peaks.

Route of the lake of Relleu

This itinerary brings us closer to one of Relleu’s best-kept treasures: the 17th-century artificial lake. This spectacular construction is located in a natural environment of great beauty and environmental value.

Climbing the Via Ferrata del Figueret

It is one of the many vertical climbing stairs in the mountains of the Costa Blanca and a thrill for action seekers. Located from the main road between Relleu and Aiguës, the first asphalted road to our right takes us there. It is surrounded by beautiful rustic scenery and offers adrenaline and spectacular views. Be aware that this climbing route has restricted access between December 1 and May 3.

Canyoning in the Amadorio River Canyon

It is possible to descend the Amadorio river ravine that has a length of 3,6 kilometers and descends a total of 150 meters. The trip will take about 3 to 4 hours depending on the characteristics of the group. The descend offers horizontal stretches and parts where it is necessary to use ropes and harnesses. Because the flow of the river is seasonal it is best to descend after the rain season. This makes the water very cold but the natural beauty of it makes up for it all.

Local olive oil

Relleu is also well known for the production of local olive oil. Many of the local producers open their factories for tourists to learn about how the oil is made. They show how the olives are collected, processed and some even offer tastings of the different products they make.


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