A day in Teulada-Moraira

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In the Marina Alta

Teulada-Moraira is located in the northeast of the Alicante province, in the Marina Alta, and has about 15,000 inhabitants.

The urban center of Teulada-Moraira is located inland, and it also has 8 kilometers of coastline. The village port is situated in Moraira about 6 kilometers main center. Teulada-Moraira is located between Calpe and Javea, at just 75 km from Alicante and only 31 km from Benidorm.

The main economic activity of the municipality is agriculture and in particular the Moscatel grape. The town annually celebrates a few days of appreciation for everybody to enjoy. Experts explain the fruit characteristics during these days and tastings of wines and liquors like the Mistela are carried out.



Teulada-Moraira has a rich natural, historical, artistic and monumental heritage, as you will notice during a day in Teulada. It offers many stories and legends, making us want to know more about the history of this village.

About 14,000 residents live in the town and roughly 60% of them are foreigners. They have chosen this town for its beauty, good infrastructure, and services. As well as the sympathy and hospitality of its people and above all, its annual average temperature of 18 degrees.

What to do in Teulada-Moraira?


The old town preserves its cultural and monumental heritage with historic buildings and fortified churches besides watchtowers, castles, and walls. The most interesting cultural visits during a day in Teulada are the Moraira Castle, the watchtower of the Cap d’Or, and the Santa Catalina Fortress.

Santa Catalina was built as a fortress-church and because of that, a wall was erected around it. This wall protected the citizens in case of enemy attacks. The Campanario tower of 30 meters high is located next to this church.

The Parish “Our Lady of Los Desamparados” Church from the nineteenth century is located in the urban center of Moraira. This rectangular building can be recognized by the three naves, separated by pillars and four sections.

The Justice Room (Sala de Jurats I Justícies) from the 17th century. This rectangular building was built in rough stone and has a sun clock from 1639 on its main front.

The Watchtower of Cap D ‘Or. from the sixteenth century is a tower of 11 meters high. It was built from solid stone without an entry door. Sentinels used to hold guard on the roof while in contact with the neighboring towers of Jávea and Calpe.

The Cendra Bay (Cova de la Sendra) is located down from Cap d ‘Or. This bay is an archaeological site of the Upper Palaeolithic period.

Discover the beaches of Moraira and their natural environment.

beach in teulada moraira
The coastline of 8 kilometers with seven beaches is the great attraction of this town. They stand out for water quality and cleanliness as well as quantity and quality of services and facilities they offer. The beautiful yacht club is another of the attractions on the coast that is definitely worth a visit.

the port of teulada moraira

Moraira is a perfect place to discover for those who love hiking and active tourism because of the many different walking routes offered. Ont these routes you surely will discover another point of view of this beautiful town.

The Molí dels Castellons, as well as Cap D’Or and Barranco de la Cala, are highlights worth mentioning. As are some fountains such as Font de L’Horta & Benimarco and Font Santa.


What to eat?

Many restaurants of Teulada and Moraira offer traditional dishes as well as international cuisine.

The fish, with the Bahia de Moraira quality mark, is caught using traditional fishing gear. This makes it possible to enjoy dishes such as “Putxero de polp” (squid), “Sopa de peix” (fish soup), or salted fishes.

Rice is the main ingredient of the local kitchen, with exquisite dishes such as “arròs a banda“, “arròs amb fresols and naps. In addition to paella amb sardines and spinach or “arròs negre”. Syrupy octopus rice, arròs de senyoret or a baked rice casserole have, without doubt, a taste of real tradition.

All this washed down, with local wines and liqueurs.

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