A day in Villena

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Ruperto Chapis home town

Today in our “A day in …” series we visit and stay a day in the village of Villena. It is one of the largest producers of children’s footwear in Spain. Besides that, it is the birthplace of the composer Ruperto Chapí and a city full of things to discover. We invite you to come with us.

Hot to get to Villena

The cities of Alicante, Alcoy, and Elche have bus lines that connect to the town of Villena. They stop at the main bus stations of these cities. Villena also has a train station that connects to Alicante, Murcia, and Valencia. There is also a station on the high-speed AVE train between Alicante and Madrid. However, this station stands outside of the town, if you use this station be aware you need a taxi to reach the town center.
Villena is only 61 kilometers from Alicante and next to the A-31 motorway that runs from Alicante to Albacete. Therefore it is very easy to travel there by car.

Things to do in Villena?

Town Hall Square: The Treasure of Villena

a day in villena

The treasure of Villena is the second biggest treasure of gold of the Bronze Age found in Europe.

A day in villena

In 1963, they found a ceramic chest that contained 59 objects. The José María Soler García archaeological museum shows the gold pieces they found and the reconstructed chest. You can visit this museum in the town hall of Villena.
We can also see the Lady of Caudete, a relative of the lady of Elche, that is on display in the Archaeological Museum of Madrid.

The Santiago church also stands in the town hall square. It looks as if the church is screwed to the ground with its helical columns.

The Rabal

A day in Villena

Historical center

The historical center begins behind the town hall square, with its narrow where it is easy to get lost in time. The streets will make you travel back in time to the Middle Ages. During the month of March, the Medieval Festivities of Villena are celebrated.
It is a pleasure to walk around here and climb the clock and bell tower of the Santa Maria church with the fantastic views of the castle of Villena. The clock was very important and that’s why it is in the hands of the monks.
You can reach the bell tower after a simple but prolonged climb. When you get there, there is a small staircase to the outside where you can take pictures and watch the clock from within.

The Castle of Villena, The Watchtower

A day in Villena
The castle stands on top of a hill used as a watchtower. Therefore be prepared and well-exercised because the slopes are very steep.

The best the castle offers, we find inside. The Atalaya Experience is a different way to give life to the history of Villena and the castle.

A day in Villena

A theatrical visit that tells stories that go from the origin of the fortress to the war of succession. As well as legends and passages of the Count of Lucanor, Don Juan Manuel. On top of that, there are medieval games and dances.

What to eat in Villena?

If you start your day in Villena, the typical breakfast would include fried eggs, sausage, black pudding, peppers, sardines. Without forgetting the sweets and the typical dish of the city, the Gachamiga. This dish is made with flour, water, and toasted garlic, which are turned into a special pan.
The sweets are another of Villena’s specialties. The Bizcocho Sorpresa, spongy buns topped with sugar icing are very well known.


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