Alicante bicycle Tour

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An urban bike ride

The Department of Environment of Alicante has created an Alicante bicycle Tour. This bike tour received the name “Torres de la Huerta” and is an easy bicycle trip. Unfortunately, most of the towers are privately owned, because of that, the interiors of the towers cannot be visited.

alicante and the towers

The origin of these towers is defensive since the richness of Alicante’s orchard was coveted by pirates who came to its shores. Therefore, during the sixteenth and seventeenth century the owners of the land were forced to build them to take refuge. This is a pleasant tour through the history of the city since each tower has an information panel that tells us the history of each one of them.

The starting point of the tour

The recreational area of the Golf Course is the start point of this tour because there is a Tram-via stop available. From here we take the bike lane on the Avenida de las Naciones to go to the Calle P.P. Condomina. After that, we take a left turn on Calle Licia Calderón. Here we will see the first tower of our trip. The “Torre Ferrer” was constructed during the second half of the 16th century.

Alicante and its towers

After admiring this piece of history we continue on the Avenida Historico Vicente Ramos to the next tower. The “Torre Mauro” was constructed in 1898 and now is part of a restaurant located in a shopping center.

Alicante and the twoers

Now we can continue in direction of the following tower. We do this by continuing towards the roundabout “Deportista Sergio Cardell”. And after that, we take the Avenida “Deportista Miriam Blasco” to reach the “Torre Sarrió“. The town restored this tower recently although it was originally constructed in 1544. The unique feature of this tower is that it stands in the middle of a roundabout.

Alicante by bike

Just 200 meters down the road we find the next tower, the “Torre Santiago“. This particular tower was raised in the second half of the 16th century and is one of the best-preserved.

alicante by bike, discovering the towers

More towers

Now it is time to pass the level crossing of the Tram-Via to continue through the Calle Caja de Ahorros. There we can observe the “Torre de las Águilas” from the 17th century.

Alicante and the towers by bicycle

The “Torre de Rejas“, another part of local history, built in the 16th century is the next tower we will visit. We go there by taking the Avenida del Padre Ángel Escapa. And then cross the first bridge over the ravine of the Juncaret River. After 30 meters we turn right on the Camino de Benimagrell to reach it.


We continue the road until we reach the Avenida Dr. Pérez Gil, where we turn left towards the Santa Faz. Here we will encounter another tower, the “Torre del Soto“. This tower has been constructed originally in the 17th century.

the towers of alicante by bicycle

We leave this tower behind us and continue on a dirt road named the “Camino de la Cruz de Piedra”. This road leads to San Juan. And eventually to discover the “Villa García” from 1698.

Alicante by bicycle discovering the towers

The next tower on the trip, and a little history, is the “Torre Cacholí“. A reasonably new tower was built in 1903.


After visiting these towers we will return to the roundabout of the Avenida Dr. Pérez Gil. Here we will go directly to the Santa Faz using the service road parallel to the river bed until we reach the N-332 road. We come across an overpass for bikes and arrive at the Plaza de la Santa Faz. This is our next stop, which will be to discover “Torre de Santa Faz” from 1575. It is the best-documented tower of those that exist in the city. It is a square silver construction of about eight meters on each side, with four floors and a roof terrace.

the twoers of Alicante

Coming towards the end

We have almost finished the route to return to the beginning on Avenida Dr. Pérez Gil. We deviate to visit the “Torre Plasia” and the “Torre de la Mitja Lliura“. They built in the second half of the sixteenth century. After this last stop, we arrive at the starting point by the bike lane of Avenida Locutor Vicente Hipólito.

Alicante and the twoers

If you want to know more about this bike tour you can contact the town hall of Alicante.


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