Altea – Lighthouse Albir bicycle tour

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Altea to Albir by bike

This time we propose a bicycle tour that covers the coast of Altea to Albir. A large part of it runs parallel to the coast on a bike lane next to the boulevard. It is a short route about 10 kilometres and there is plenty to see and enjoy and discover the area.

Start of the bicycle tour

This bicycle tour starts at the Tram-via station of Altea la Olla. This station is part of line 9, between Dénia and Benidorm. Bicycles are allowed in the tram-via and you can check the timetable. From this station, we ride down the street towards the sea. We cross the N-332 and reach the beach behind the convent of the Carmelite nuns of Altea.

Altea Albir bicycle route


When we turn right we can already see our destination, the Sierra Helada in the background. We go along the beach promenade and we pass along the small sports harbour of El Portet, with a nice chiringuito, and continue between the apartments of La Olla, until we reach the N-332 again.

You can see a green line on the track, we will continue this track until we reach the Algar river in Altea. After we cross the N-332 at the traffic lights we reach the rural part of Cap Negret with the Sant Tomas chapel on the left. After passing the Cap Negret tram-via station we get to the Molino de la Torre on the right. This mill was built before the 17th century and was part of Altea’s irrigation system until about 1925.


The green line on the track ends here. We continue and take a right turn towards the bridge over the river Algar towards Altea. After the bridge, there are two possibilities to continue our trip.

Either continue and take a left turn and cycle towards town. Keep the municipal sports centre on your left. On the next crossroad we go left, second right and at the big square at the beginning of Altea´s shopping street turn left again and continue towards the sea and beach. However, a lot of traffic uses this part of the route.

Therefore, you can also choose to go directly to the beach after crossing the river Algar bridge. At the junction go left and left, now you have the sports centre on your right and move parallel to the river. There is a un unpaved path in between the asphalted road and the river. Just before and after the N–332 bridge we can get to this path. It is small and visited by many pedestrians so take care. Be aware that you may have to step off the bike to let people pass. The path leads to the beginning of Altea Boulevard. The Sierra Helada and the lighthouse come into vision closer by than before. We continue in that direction.


altea albir bicycle tour
the bike lane starts to the right


Altea Boulevard

Both ways just described reaching the start of the bike lane on the boulevard. To use it we go down a small but steep slope, take care! The bike path will take us along the coast and over the boulevard. There are a lot of bars and restaurants to pause for a moment and relax before continuing. We must warn you that this bike path goes over the boulevard and crosses numerous restaurant terraces.

altea albir biccyle tour

Visitors and staff of the restaurants many times are not aware of the bike lane. Do not travel too fast and watch out! The bike line is coloured blue and we have to turn left when we reach the large parking area. We continue our trail and pass La Roda beach, the port and Marina of Altea and after a few kilometres, we reach Albir.



The boulevard is paved with stars like Hollywood Boulevard and at the end of it, we reach La Ancla (the anchor) statue. We continue the bike lane up, turn left into the street of bar Kasbrane. This street is the Camino Del Faro. This is where the climb to the entrance of the Sierra Helada Natural Park and the lighthouse trail begins.


altea albir bicycle route

The lighthouse of Albir trail

Once at the entrance we can decide to leave the bike and walk the 2,5 kilometre asphalted road to the lighthouse of Albir. There are more complicated walking trails up to the hilltop or down towards the ocre mines. The indications for the different trails are displayed at the entrance booth.

The road to the lighthouse of Albir is not too difficult. But, take in mind that there are many people walking the route. Lots of them can be families with small children so caution must be taken. The route slowly crawls higher with turns showing beautiful scenery. The last 100 metres of the road are pretty steep and walking them is no punishment. This way you start to notice the award for reaching the lighthouse of Albir. A spectacular view of the coast and the bicycle tour we just finished. Take a breath to relax, take some pictures and enjoy the moment.


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