Another Day in Alicante

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A city full of activities

We talked about the Capital of our province in earlier blogs, however, we want to invite you to another day in Alicante, because there are so many things to do and discover here. The city buzzes with activities and has a lot to offer. Today we highlight some fun activities that we have not mentioned before.

How to get to Alicante?

It is actually very easy to get to Alicante from north, south, and west. The AP-7 motorway and the N-332 national road connect the city with Valencia and Murcia and all the towns in between. If you come from Madrid it is most likely you will arrive over the A-31 from Albacete.

Things to do in Alicante?

Drive-In Cinema

Another day in Alicante

We recently discovered that Alicante has a real drive-in cinema. You can drive your car up to the screen and see the movie on a big screen in front of you. Just like we have seen so many times in all those movies. Isn’t that amazing? There is a big chance the movies they show are Spanish spoken but should not be a reason to not live the experience once. They have special offers, such as discounts for new drivers and 2 for 1 voucher. Check out their website for more information, schedules, and prices. That is of course if your day in Alicante ends at night, and you are looking for things to do after dark.


Teatro Principal de Alicante

another day in alicante

In September 1845, a group of important merchants of the city started discussing the possibility to build a theatre. They thought the city lacked a theatre worthy of the culture it offered. Within 17 days the decision was taken to start the construction. The actual construction started on January 2, 1846, of what was then called Teatro Nuevo. They inaugurated it on September 25, 1857, and after little more than 10 years, they renamed it to the name it still has today, Teatro Principal de Alicante.

Many local, national, and international artists from different disciplines have performed in the theatre since it opened more than 170 years ago. It is absolutely recommendable to visit a show in this beautiful building. For more information about the show they offer, please visit their website.


The Séneca and Balmis Air Raid Bunkers

another day in alicante

The city of Alicante has become a modern city in recent years with lots of tourist attractions and activities to discover. However, these bunkers are the remains of the recent violent past that Alicante lived during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939). It is not your typical fun tourist attraction but definitely worth a visit to understand what happened in this war. Between these years they bombed the city more than 80 times, and the residents took shelter in the bunkers. The Séneca and Balmis bunkers formed part of a network of about 100 underground shelters located throughout the city.

The visitors discover and learn about the social and historical context of the construction and the use of these bunkers. Their uniqueness regarding the humanitarian function and architecture is a silent testimony of the city’s recent and painful past. After decades of silence, nowadays they serve as a homage to the victims of this war and it is a place of reflection for present and future generations. For information about opening hours and prices, we suggest you check the website of the town hall of Alicante.


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