Another Day in Altea

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Greenwich Meridian 000º 00 ′ 00

After the intense month of January in which the storm Gloria brought so much destruction, we spend another day in Altea. In the last few days, the weather has changed for the better and it looks as if spring is in the air. We found a few more interesting places worth visiting while you enjoy the sunny weather.

How to get to Altea?

From Torrevieja and Alicante in the south, we use the AP-7 or the N-332 and go towards the north towards Valencia. The traffic signs will tell us what exit we should take. If we go from Dénia, we will also look for the AP-7. but towards Alicante.

We can also go by tram, from Alicante or Dénia. There are departures every hour.

Things to do in Altea?

El Jardin de los Sentidos

another day in altea

This exotic garden is an oasis of peace and beauty hidden behind the N-332 just outside of the town. The owner started this garden over 30 years ago. Since then he has managed to collect tropical plants from places like Mexico, Australia, and even Madagascar. Om more than 3000 m2 you can walk along the beautifully crafted paths and enjoy the small creek that runs through it. After you come back to the beginning of the path you can enjoy homemade cakes, teas, and coffee. You can find more information about this beautiful place here.

Viewpoint Sierra de Bernia

another day in altea

Not many people may know this but there is a wonderful viewpoint on the Sierra Bernia. From here you will have spectacular views over the bay of Altea and Albir and the rest of the coast. Over the last years, the access road was in a very bad state but the town hall recently has repaired the road. So now you can drive all the way up now. Hopefully a lot more people will discover this viewpoint now. Once there you can simply enjoy the views or you can choose to walk several hiking paths that are all well indicated with signs. One of them leads through a cave and a tunnel to the other side of the mountain where you can see a large part of the Marina Altea.

Marina Greenwich

There are multiple yacht clubs and marinas along the coast of Altea. The most interesting one has to be Marina Greenwich. This is the only yacht club in the world that is located on the Greenwich Meridian 000º 00 ′ 00 ”. It is almost like a small summer village with lots of things to see and do. There are many apartments and it offers lots of activities. You can rent a jet ski or boat, stroll along with the yachts, and there many restaurants and bars and beach clubs.

It is located a little outside of Altea, but definitely one of the things to do during a day in Altea.


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