Another Day in Santa Pola

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A little south of Alicante

We talked about the beautiful coastal town south of Alicante in earlier blogs, however, we want to invite you to spend another day in Santa Pola with us. We already explained the usual things you can do there, like a trip to Tabarca and the wonderful harbor promenade it has. This time we focus on a few activities on the more educational side of life.

How to get there?

When you use your car, take the N-332 from Alicante to Murcia. Santa Pola is just 17 kilometers south of Alicante. However, if you decide to use public transport, there are two options. The bus that goes directly from Alicante bus station to Santa Pola, or you can use the train from Alicante.

Things to do in Santa Pola?

The Fortress Castle

another day in santa pola

They built this castle in 1557 as part of the project to defend the coast of Valencia. Mainly against attacks from pirates and privateers, something that frequently occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries. They used stone to build it, with a square floor plan that includes two towers and defense walls at its corners. Inside the soldiers who defended the fortress lived with their families. An interesting feature is a cistern, that collected rainwater to supply the homes and the canons that they used to fire artillery with.

Later history

After the castle became the property of the city council and over time the uses changed from military to civil. They used it as the town hall, civil guards quarters, as the hospital, and even as an improvised bullring. Nowadays it is a cultural center and home to the Municipal Exhibition Hall, the Chapel of the Loreto Virgen, and the Sea Museum.

The Sea Museum

another day in santa pola

The museum in this castle is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the sea, and a very nice place to discover. There are three different sections to visit. The history and archeology exhibition focuses on the history of Santa Pola. They show the prehistory, the Iberians, the history of Roman port, and the history of the Fortress Castle. The second section learns us all about the importance of fishing. The sea as a stage, the sailor as the main character, and the ship as a tool are the elements that created the recent fishing history of the town. The last section reflects the history of the Cape Aljub tower, the predecessor of the castle, and the influence that local music bands have had on the local culture and traditions.


The aquarium of Santa Pola

It looks like today turns out to be a day dedicated to the sea. First a visit to the sea museum followed by this aquarium. This aquarium in Santa Pola actually is the oldest in the Valencian Community and it has no less than 9 large basins. They show parts of the Mediterranean flora and fauna. Because of that, it is an important educational landmark and fun to visit with children. It reveals the underwater world in the bay of the town and the island of Tabarca. Most species in the aquarium have been accidentally caught fishing and were donated by the local fishermen from the village.

For more information about the aquarium, the opening hours and prices we suggest you visit their website.

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