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“Manhattan” in Spain

For most people, Benidorm is synonymous with sun and beach, and only that. But of course, the city has lots of other things to offer, which we have to use several posts on later. In today’s blog, Benidorm discovered, we will start with 6 “obvious things” that are suitable for the whole family, regardless of the season. Join us and discover a little more about what Benidorm has to offer.

1. Take a walk around the Castle of Benidorm

discover benidorm

What? Does Benidorm have a castle? Do not worry if you have not found it yet, because it is not hidden by buildings. It actually is the square with the viewpoint between the Poniente and Levante beach. In the Middle Ages, a fortress stood here that was bombed and destroyed during the Independence war. Nowadays the site is one of the most beautiful points in Benidorm to enjoy the views of the skyline. This is a good place to have relax and enjoy the sea breeze.


2. Visit the local markets Benidorm offers


The city is full of shops and small businesses that offer all kinds of products. However, if you want to appreciate something a little more traditional we recommend you visit one of the local markets Benidorm offers. There are three different markets, in different parts of the city on different weekdays.

The largest market opens on Wednesday and Sunday morning in the Rincon the Loix at the Avenida de L’Admirall Bernat de Sarrià. Fresh food, as well as many consumer products, are sold at fair prices. For the exact location of this market, we advise you to read more in our market section.

Another market Benidorm offers opens on Wednesday mornings is the Foietes market. This market is set up next to the municipal sports pavilion and is has fewer stalls. We also have more information on this market.

And finally, the “El Cisne” flea market. This market opens on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. It is a flea market, a vintage antique market, and an area with bars and live music. Find out more about it in our local market section.

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3. A visit to the island of Benidorm

the island of benidorm

In Benidorm discovered we need to present this triangular-shaped island is visible from the beaches and promenade of Benidorm. The official name is the island of journalists and it hides some treasures that are worth a visit. You can buy a ticket to visit the island at the port of Benidorm for about 14€ or you can arrange for your own boat. On the island, you can visit a seagull colony that nests there or discover maritime life diving. An easier way to view the underwater world is to buy a ticket for a glass-bottom boat. Where the boats arrive at the island there is a restaurant to have a meal and a drink before you head back to shore.


4. Visit the viewpoint with the best views of Benidorm

There is only one place in Benidorm that has the absolute best panoramic view of Benidorm. And you do not need to climb a mountain to get there. All you have to do is visit one of the tallest skyscrapers, the Gran Hotel Bali. For 6€ the elevator brings you to the top floor with the highest roof terrace of the town. Here you see Benidorm in all its splendor as well as the surrounding mountains. Such as the Puig Campana, the Sierra de Bernia, and the Sierra Cortina.


5. Hiking around Benidorm


The entrance to the Sierra Helada national park in Benidorm is where we find a small paved road. This road between the mountain and the sea is blocked for traffic and only accessible for hikers, cyclists, and runners. At the end of it, we find the Torre de la Escaleta at Punta del Cavall. This defensive tower was built by Felipe II to defend the town of Benidorm from pirate attacks. From this point, there are great views of the cliffs of Serra Gelada, l’illa Mitjana, and the Penyal d’Ifach.


6. Tossal de La Cala


At the end of Poniente Beach, we find the remains of a late Iberian settlement on top of a hill. After we ascend the climb along the Calle de la Ermita we reach the walled fortification between Cala de Finestrat and Cala de Benidorm. It was used as a wharf and commercial exchange point. At the end of Tossal, there is a small chapel with a viewpoint overlooking the coast of Benidorm, Finestrat, and Villajoyosa.

We hope you start discovering!


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