Castles in Alicante

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Crowns in the province of Alicante


As we are aware that you like to get to discover new places and enjoy the magic of Costa Blanca today we propose a route to see some of the castles of the province of Alicante. This route is about 140 kilometers long and visits Alicante city, Castalla, Onil, Biar, Villena, Sax, Elda, Petrer, and Novelda. Be sure to be prepared before the start.

Castle of Santa Barbara of Alicante

castles of alicante

This castle already featured in our “A day in Alicante” blog, maybe you remember.

The Castle of Santa Bárbara is located on Mount Benacantil. From the top of the castle, you can see the entire city of Alicante, the beaches and the bay. The Muslims built this castle in the 9th century. However, Alonso de Castilla conquered it on December 4, 1248. This day is also the day they celebrate Santa Barbara, hence the name of the castle. The entrance is free of charge. Either use the elevator from Avenida de Jovellanos for 2€, drive up to the free car park, or walk-up.

Castle of Castalla

castles in alicante
This fortress is of Muslim origin and dates from the 11th century. They renovated the fortress multiple times during the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. Permission to visit this castle must be requested at the Tourist Office in town. They can also give you information about the different routes available to explore the old town and its architecture. Furthermore, the town of Castalla is well known for the traditional Gazpacho and sausages they serve.

Palace Fort of the Marquis de Dos Aguas in Onil

castles in alicante
It took more than a century to build this palace. Construction began in the fifteenth century and was completed in the sixteenth. It is a building with four towers and a quadrangular floor. Ask the security guard at the gate if he allows you to visit the cloister inside the palace, it is a true recommendation.

Castle of Biar

castles in alicante
This fortress stood in the area that divided the kingdom of Castile and the kingdom of Aragon. The division of both kingdoms was carried out in Biar in 1179. In 1244 Villena was assigned to the crown of Castile and Biar to the crown of Aragon. The castle of Biar, built in the twelfth century, has Muslim origin and is declared a national monument. It stands on a rocky hill that rises from the center of the town. The entrance is free of charge

Castle of the Watchtower of Villena

castles in alicante
The watchtower castle is one of the characteristic elements of Villena. Declared as a historical, artistic, and culturally interesting monument it dates back to the twelfth century with Muslim origin. Entrance tickets are available at the castle’s visitors center, check the Villena tourism website to see schedules and prices.

If you feel like it, you can also visit the archaeological museum of Villena José María Soler. Here they show the Treasure of Villena, which was found in a casual way during some works in the 60s. There are sixty pieces of gold of 23.5 carats of 3000 years old.

Castle of Sax

castles in alicante

This castle stands on the summit of a sharp rocky cliff next to the town of Sax. The castle has a Muslim origin and they built it in the 12th century. The old town center of the village of Sax has an Arab origin. The castle is open for visits every Sunday morning if the weather conditions allow it.

Castle of Petrer

It was built in the Muslim era in the twelfth century and remodeled in the Christian era, it is a National Historic-Artistic Site since 1983.
The castle opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday at different times. Furthermore, the Roman oven of Villa Petralia and the parish of San Bartolomé are worth a visit to Petrer. As well as the hermitage of San Bonifacio, the aqueduct of San Rafael or the Dámaso Navarro Museum.

Castle of Elda

They declared this castle of Elda an Asset of Cultural Interest and it also is an archaeological site. It has a Muslim origin and dates back to the 11th century. Unfortunately, it is in bad condition and therefore closed to the public. However, the views from the outside are impressive.

Castillo de la Mola and Sanctuary of the Magdalena in Novelda

castles in alicante

This castle and the Sanctuary stand on the outskirts of Novelda on top of a hill. The castle is of Islamic origin and they built in the twelfth century. The sanctuary was built many years later, at the beginning of the 20th century. The entrance to the castle and the sanctuary is free of charge.


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