A day in Gata de Gorgos

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Up in the mountains

Today Gata de Gorgos features in our “A day in” series. This town is, like some others, not only for summer visits. This corner of Alicante is located in a strategic place in the Marina Alta. At 9 kilometres from Jávea and 13 from Denia, just over an hour by car from both Valencia and Alicante.

What is there to see in Gata de Gorgos?

Every day, the streets of this town exhibit its typical local products. This merchandise decorates the stores of the historic centre surrounded by stately homes. Gata de Gorgos does not have a beach and certainly does not need one. Since long ago, the town knows how to exploit its charms, such as traditional crafts. Many crafts factories are present in Gata de Gorgos. There are factories for guitars, hats, handbags and furniture.

gata de gorgos

There even is a factory for hydraulic mosaics, those pigmented cement tiles decorated with geometric patterns.

gata de gorgos

We find rock engravings in Las Cuevas Rojas, in the valley that forms the Gorgos River, next to the La Canela ravine.

gata de gorgos

Natural environments such as the Font de Mata or the Paraje de La Rana are part of many walking and cycling routes. Many inhabitants of the area spend their days in these countrysides to enjoy nature and get together with relatives.

The calvary chapel

Close to the town, on the small hill of Tossalet we find the Calvary chapel. Inside it is the Christ of Calvary that is a small wood carving found in the sea. This artefact enjoys great devotion among the inhabitants of Gata de Gorgos. You can find reproductions of the Christ, placed in small vases through the streets of the town. In this way, the devoted are sure to have their Christ nearby always.

gata de gorgos

Via the main square, we reach the old church of San Miguel Arcángel. This first was an Arab mosque before it became a Christian chapel. As the town grew further the chapel eventually went on to become a large church. Gata de Gorgos is an agricultural town that combines dryland farming with the production of oil and wine.


The main craftsmanship in Gata de Gorgos is linked to wicker, esparto or cane. These simple materials that they use to construct furniture and baskets. Unique products with their own identity that are recognized in the province and the country. As well as abroad as many of these products are exported.

What to eat in Gata de Gorgos?

In the surroundings of Gata de Gorgos crops such as almonds, olives and grapes predominate. As well as the cultivation of muscatel grapes used to produce mistela. This sweet liquor is perfect to accompany sweet snacks such as almond cakes, pumpkin fritters and raisins and almonds cakes.

Also, the traditional methods to prepare sausages is still used a lot in this area. Botifarra, Sobressada and Llonganisa are a few of the varieties you might want to try.


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