Dog-friendly beaches

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Enjoy the beach, with your best friend

Luckily, there are some beaches on the Costa Blanca that allow you to bring your dog. We will show you where.

Beaches on Costa Blanca which allow dogs

More and more people like to take their dogs with them when they go to enjoy the beach. Over the last few years, different towns have opened a beach or part of their coast. For people and their dogs to enjoy the weather and the water. The province of Alicante leads with a total of 10 dog-friendly beaches in 8 towns. The dogs can play, run loose and swim on these 10 beaches.

It is, of course, important to think about the dog if you take the trip during the day when the sun is high. But as we all know, afternoons and early evenings can be a wonderful time for such an activity.

Where to find these dog-friendly beaches

This blog gives you useful information about where you can take your dog to one of the dog-friendly beaches on Costa Blanca. Not all these beaches will look pristine, with crystal clear water and white beaches but that should not take away the fun of a beach day with your dog. These dog-friendly beaches are located in Dénia, Benissa, and Altea as well as Villajoyosa and El Campello. The city of Alicante and the town of Santa Pola and Torrevieja also offer dog-friendly beaches. All these beaches are open all year round and can be found on Google Maps.


dog-friendly beaches

In Dénia there is the “Playa de la Escollera Norte”. It is a small area filled with algae, where your dog can run around a bit.


dog-friendly beaches

Cala Lobella” in Benissa is the beach where people with dogs go. It is a rocky beach with boulders ideal for diving enthusiasts. This beach is difficult to access and be sure to take good footwear for the rocky bottom. Be aware that officially this dog beach has been closed by the local government in 2019.


pet-friendly beaches

Altea offers the “Playa Mar y Montaña”. This a small rocky beach and used by people for their pets for years. Authorities officially recognize this beach as one of the dog-friendly beaches since 2016.


pet-friendly beaches

The “Playa Villera del Xarco” in Villajoyosa is a small cove, full of stones. It is situated south of the town and it has a rather difficult entry. The right side of this particular beach is destined for dogs.

El Campello

dog-friendly beachesp

El Campello counts with two dog-friendly beaches. “Playa Punta del Riu” is a small dog-friendly beach with rocky boulders and quiet waters, ideal for small dogs and dogs that are afraid of waves. You find this beach in the mouth of the “Seco” river, between the beaches of “Carrerlamar” and “Muchavista”. The dog park is just 500 meters away from this beach.

dog-friendly beaches
The “Playa Barranc D´Aigües”, north of El Campello, is surrounded by nature. Somewhat difficult to reach but very quiet, ideal for people looking for a more intimate spot. This beach has direct access from the N-332 just north of the El Campello tunnel.


In the capital of the province, the city of Alicante has an all-year dog-friendly beach in “Playa de Agua Amarga”. Although open the entire year, only during the swimming season there are extra services such as chiringuitos and cleaning services.

Santa Pola

South of Alicante, we find a dog-friendly beach in Santa Pola on the “Playa Caleta dels Gossets”. This dog-friendly beach has small stones and fine sand. That is one of the reasons why it is valued best in the entire province and it.


Local authorities recently closed the dog-friendly beaches in “Punta Margalla” and “Cala de Moro”. They appointed a new dog-friendly beach that is situated between Cala Ferris and Rocio del Mar. This new area is small and rocky of about 1600 m2.

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