Elche Bicycle Tour

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Discover Elche by bike

The Elche bicycle route features our blog today. We will visit this wonderful city of El Palmeral and enjoy a nice city tour without the need to leave the town. Also, this tour is just over 6 kilometers long without too many steep slopes. Therefore the entire family can enjoy it.

We will start the route at the tourist office of Elche and drive to the palace of Altamira. You can visit this palace from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs and on Sundays from 10.00 to 15.00 hrs.

Elche and el palmeral
The Altamira palace-castle, or Alcázar de la Señoría, was built at the end of the fifteenth century. The first lord of the city, Castilian Gutierre de Cárdenas started the construction. He did this after returning to the Crown with the Catholic Monarchs and made it his habitual residence. It is currently restored and in perfect condition housing the Archaeological Museum and History of Elche.


The bridges

After we leave the palace-castle behind us we start the route of the bridges of Elche. And we do this by crossing the railway bridge first. The next bridge that we can enjoy is the Altamira bridge, which was built in 1962.

the bridges of Elche and El Palmeral

The following bridges we see are the bridge of Canalejas, one of the most recognized, and the Generalitat bridge. This one has a metallic structure and a central axis of white concrete stands. Salvador Monleón Cremades is the designer and it connects two large urban areas of Elche.

Elche and El palmeral by bicycle


The Santa Maria Basilica

This church is located on the square of the Eucharistic Congress and was built in Baroque style. The construction took over 100 years, from 1672 to 1784, and several architects participated in it. Jaime Bort and Meliá, author of the baroque facade of the cathedral of Murcia was one of them. Because it took so long to build it presents different architectural styles. From the Italianate baroque of the main portal to the medieval reminiscences and other styles in between.

The basilica is open to the public for visits all weekdays from 7.00 to 13.00 hrs and from 17.30 to 21.00 hrs.

We hope you enjoy the route as much as we do in order for you to take advantage of the city of Elche. It has 3 world heritage sites among its many charms. El Palmeral de Elche, El Misteri, and El Museo Escolar de Pusol. Do not hesitate to visit these places, you will not regret it.


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